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a region of southern Italy (forming the toe of the Italian 'boot')

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The presence of women presbyters in Bruttium at the end of the 5th century is attested by an epitah to 'Leta presbytera' by her husband who set up her tomb.
1995): "Le masif forestier de la Sila et la poix du Bruttium d'apres les textes antiques".
Mouvement heterogene mais assez profond pour qu'il s'enracine dans le Bruttium, la Lucanie, ou encore le Samnium.
The following (105, 176, 187) do not exist: the Apulia, the Fregellae, the Bruttium towns.
g tying up no fewer than six legions at Nola), Lucania, and Bruttium, Diod.