Brussels griffon

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breed of various very small compact wiry-coated dogs of Belgian origin having a short bearded muzzle

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"Known for his almost human expression, the Brussels Griffon is an affectionate, charming and curious companion and an excellent watchdog.
and 11 p.m., APL) Puppies at Christmas include nine Weimaraners with jingle-bell collars and a Scrooge-like Brussels griffon, while snowshoe kittens play with ribbon and wrapping paper.
Establishing new ownership within the Little Rock market was a challenging task, but a task made a little easier thanks to Cathy's dog Mojo, a Griffon Bruxellois or Brussels Griffon, a breed made more famous from the hit movie "As Good as It Gets."
Simmons and his partner, Alfonso Quiroz, a 37-year-old Con Edison media relations rep, decided when they got their Brussels Griffon about a year ago that Facebook was a great way to let their friends and family know about their new pet.
After gushing over Sprouts, the Brussels Griffon rescue dog his idol and former Betty costar Bernadette Peters gave him last year, he eagerly whipped out his iPhone and showed me a pic of the dog and his boyfriend, actor Ryan Spahn, with whom he's lived for several months.
"When Second Nature litter for dogs first came out five years ago, they sent coupons for free samples," explains Vickie Johnson of Waycross, Georgia, who lives with her five-year-old Brussels griffon, Ah-Z's Poise'n Ivy of St.
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