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the capital and largest city of Belgium

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I merely ask you, did you not refuse to go to Brussels for the queen, whilst you had consented to go there to do some service for the late cardinal?
That is the very reason I refused to go back to Brussels.
I know Brussels almost as well as I know X , and I am sure it would suit such a one as you better than London.
The police of three countries had tracked the great criminal at last from Ghent to Brussels, from Brussels to the Hook of Holland; and it was conjectured that he would take some advantage of the unfamiliarity and confusion of the Eucharistic Congress, then taking place in London.
Major O'Dowd packing her own and her Major's wardrobe, and how his best epaulets had been stowed into a tea canister, whilst her own famous yellow turban, with the bird of paradise wrapped in brown paper, was locked up in the Major's tin cocked-hat case, and wondered what effect it would have at the French king's court at Ghent, or the great military balls at Brussels.
The reason to meet shouldn't be urged just by the protest in front of the Government but also by the acknowledgement that no other Brussel meetings with or without consequences can solve the crisis if they don't meet tete-a-tete, comments Popovska.
TURKEYS causing head injuries, children with building blocks stuck up their noses and a Brussel sprouts "crisis" - welcome to the weird and wonderful world of the emergency unit at Christmas.
The top ten most unpopular foods include avocado, salami, olives, black pudding, Brussel sprouts, goats cheese, blue cheese, chicken liver and coriander.
We have closed off the surrounding area, which is our standard procedure in such cases," a spokesman for Brussel police said.
The minister accompanied Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoy-an in Brussel to speed up EU accession talks with several EU officials.
Check brassicas - that's cabbages, broccoli, turnips, Brussel sprouts - for eggs laid by butterflies.
pounds 250 Go to Brussels and take a three-day break at the three-star Brussel Hotel.
A statement issued by the Speaker's Media Office said that Nijaifi arrived in Brussel on the head of a Parliamentary delegation, consisting of members from all political blocs, and he listened to detailed review of the problems members of the Iraqi community are suffering from, he promised to find a way toward working them out.