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Synonyms for Bursa

a city in northwestern Turkey


a small fluid-filled sac located between movable parts of the body especially at joints

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Tambien fueron creados el Departamento Topografico y el cargo de fiscal de tierras (Brussa, Canovas y Prosdocimo, 2001).
The surveyed companies were layer drawn in the proportion resulting from the indicators in the general population (size of the enterprise, nature of activity, geographical distribution etc.) according to report prepared by Brussa and Tarnawa (2011).
The company added Thornton succeeds its retiring director, John Brussa.
Verzeichnis der im Jahre 1851 bei Brussa in Kleinasion gesammelten Schmetterlinge.
One cause of that waning, among others, was the contraction of Brussa (Bursa)'s raw silk imports, which had played an important role in the Florentine trade scheme.
Instead, An Outline remains largely as it was in 1972, with a now outdated system of transcription, obsolete place-names (e.g., Brussa, Cordova, Isnik), antiquated and idiosyncratic spelling of the names of well-known monuments (e.g., Tchinili Koshk, Top Kapu Serai, Selimya of Konia).