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a university town in southwestern Maine

a city in central Germany

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In retrospect, Brunschwig's abstractions seem to relate less to the modernism of Malevich or Mondrian than to the dark watercolors and drawings of Victor Hugo.
[1.] Brunschwig A.: Complete excision of pelvic viscera for advanced carcinoma; a one-stage abdominoperineal operation with end colostomy and bilateral ureteral implantation into the colon above the colostomy.
The dining room features documentary, hand-screened wall covering from Brunschwig & Fils that Robert Dean installed over 30 years ago for his brother.
Brunschwig [6] and later Daniel reported the first cases of an ureterocolostomy, after a pelvic exenteration in 1948.
We buy the best fabrics--from Brunschwig & Fits, Scalamandre, Kravet and Schumacher, all through Designer's Source of Sarasota."
Along with MAXX Properties, he has worked with several international organizations such as Brunschwig & Fils, Unisys, The Rothschild Group and Hoffmann-La Roche.
Under the terms of the new agreements, alvetex will be distributed and sold under the reinnervate brand by regional distributors of life sciences research products-Generon (UK), Biozol GmbH (Germany), Chemie Brunschwig AG (Switzerland), THP Medical Products (Austria), In Vitro AS (Denmark), Euroclone (Italy), and Bio Connect (the Benelux region).
In "Abstraction and Materiality in Post-Holocaust Art," Jeffrey Librett prende in esame una serie di collage basati su alcune raccolte poetiche di Paul Celan, in particolare La rosa di nessuno, da parte della pittrice astratta ebrea francese Colette Brunschwig. Il contributo si propone di analizzare il contesto nel quale i collage si collocano e, in particolare, la dialettica legata ai collage come risposta al saggio del 1972 di Emmanuel Levinas, "Paul Celan/De I'etre a l'autre," e la tensione tra figurativita e astrazione tipici dell'arte del post-Olocausto.
Brunschwig (ed.), Brazza explorateur, 1875-1879 (Paris, Mouton, 1966); C.
Escherichia coli (strain C43) was grown in Difco[TM] LB broth (Chemie Brunschwig) for 4 h to a concentration of about [10.sup.8] CFU/ml (colony forming units per milliliter).
Brunschwig, J., "Les multiples chemins aristoteliciens de la sensation commune", Revue de metaphysique et de morale.