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an industrial city in Moravia in Czech Republic to the southeast of Prague


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am Beispiel des eine Art Brunnen oder (mit Stufen versehenen?
Die Worte sind Brunnen, denen das Sagen nachgrabt, Brunnen, die je und je neu zu rinden und zu graben sind, leicht verschuttbar, aber bisweilen auch unversehens quillend".
She mentions that a payment document long thought to refer to the artist's Charlemagne and Sigisnmund panels refers instead to repolychroming two statues on the Schoner Brunnen in Nuremberg's main market.
Weil wer wann in den Brunnen gefallen ist: meine erst danach uberdeckelten Locher, mein nicht zu bremsendes Wachstum, mein Sprachverkehr mit verlorenen Gegenstanden.
In die agtste elegie vertaal hy byvoorbeeld so wie die Brunnen gehen met soos wat die bronne stroom.
Gehring, Hausgemeinde und Mission: Die Bedeutung antiker Hauser und Hausgemeinden--von Jesus bis Paulus (Giessen: Brunnen Verlag, 2000), especially pp.
Pincus Jeffrey Blair Cornell Schwartz Estes Tarver Kruger David zurn Brunnen Bensinger Ronn Carroll Mrs.
Oetker, the food and beverage group that took over Brau und Brunnen last year.
a 380,000-volt transmission line transporting power above the Lukmanier Pass in central Switzerland to Italy was disrupted because of branches hitting the wires near the town of Brunnen.
Libeskind is presently designing and constructing The Spiral Extension to the Victoria & Albert Museum, London; the Jewish Museum in San Francisco, "Westside," an urban scale entertainment and shopping center in Brunnen, Switzerland; Maurice WohI Convention Center at Bar Ilan University, Tel Aviv; Atelier Weil in Mallorca; the Extension to the Denver Art Museum; a post-graduate center at the University of North London; and most recently the extension to the Royal Ontario Museum, Toronto.
For the past 11 years, Cadbury Schweppes has owned 28% of the Apollinaris und Schweppes GmbH company, with Brau und Brunnen owning the other 72%.
I," he's already turning around, there it is, on the back seat, the poor little thing, alone and abandoned, navy blue and white, He reaches over, picks it up, looks at it, and nods: "A Brunnen," he says, and I repeat "Brunnen, that's right.
That novel, neither pure fiction nor pure biography, established its author as a supreme master of empathy and opened the path to the autobiographical prose Ein springender Brunnen (1998; see WLT 73:1, p.
Equally, to what extent is an aesthetic solipsism as practised by Handke or Walser (Ein Springender Brunnen, Suhrkamp: Frankfurt am Main, 1998) not really a form of politics, protesting as it implicitly does against a supposed culture of ideological and political consensus in the public realm?
But they did not award any cash to the plaintiff, Diane zum Brunnen, after her lawyer had told the eight jurors they should not excuse Eastwood from requirements of federal and state laws because he is a "very special man".