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German pope from 1049 to 1054 whose papacy was the beginning of papal reforms in the 11th century (1002-1054)

(Roman Catholic Church) a French cleric (born in Germany) who founded the Carthusian order in 1084 (1032-1101)

Italian philosopher who used Copernican principles to develop a pantheistic monistic philosophy

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Leonardo Bruni, teoria della traduzione, ricezione e trasmissione dei testi classici, Umanesimo fiorentino, Filologia umanistica
We are excited to complete our transaction with Bruni Glass, said Andrew Berlin, Chairman and CEO of Berlin Packaging.
Once the transaction closes, Bruni's team will operate as Bruni Glass, A Berlin Packaging company, and will have access to Berlin's full line of packaging solutions, service divisions, and its 100+ North American sales and warehouse locations.
I believe it was also a preferred condition of marriage for Jerry Hall when she was married to Rolling Stone frontman Mick, a trifling issue that was overlooked when the very same Carla Bruni did the naked swagger with Mr Jagger.
Consistent with this interdisciplinary approach, Bruni tries to avoid dualisms, especially between economics and morality, therein finding a way to accomplish his goal.
His third wife and former first lady, Carla Bruni, is a multi-millionaire heiress who was heard boasting about "cool" and highly profitable contracts aimed at selling "wrinkle cream".
In one of the tapes, Bruni is heard saying that she was under the impression she was marrying a guy that made some money, the New York Post reported.
He also surmised that Bulgari tapped Bruni to be its current muse because she embodies the rich, worldly and independent woman of today.
Tony went to investigateaand saw Bruni on his roof, without clothes on.
Nowhere is this shift in paradigm more evident than in the work of the Florentine statesman and scholar, Leonardo Bruni (1370-1444).
In their new roles, D'Amico and Bruni are supporting Cushman & Wakefield's brokerage and property management professionals with any construction-related requirements.
LEONARDI BRUNI, History of The Florentine People, edited and translated by James Hankins, Cambridge / Massachusetts / London, Harvard University Press.
Security was tight around La Muette clinic as Carla Bruni was escorted to a car with baby Giulia in her arms.
Williams's victory over Italian Francesco Bruni of Bruni Racing in the Portugal final means there has been a different winner in each of the four completed stages on the 2011 Tour, which is shaping up to be one of the most hotly contested in years.
Bild interview gives weight to rumours in France * Presidential baby could be a boost to Sarkozy ratings * President's office won't comment on his private life French President Nicolas Sarkozy's father was quoted by a German newspaper on Tuesday as saying that first lady Carla Bruni is expecting a child, apparently confirming the subject of weeks of speculation.