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a Valkyrie or a queen in the Nibelungenlied who loved the hero Siegfried

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Sifried and Brunhild (Wagner's Siegfried and Brunhilde) belong to a quite separate epic tradition, which merged with the lay of the Nibelungen only much later.
Nevertheless, as Cook notes, the closing paragraph of Scott's autobiography, haunted as it is by the specter of lynching, offers a "stream-of-consciousness vision of a better future" (63): "Where Snow White, with her seven dwarfs, Jesus and Hercules, Brunhild, Siegfried and Phaethon, and Meg and Jo and Beth, lay down together, like the lions and the lambs!
because much of her power had been brought to an end, and yet she considered herself a better woman than Brunhild. In secret she sent a cleric of her household who was to gain Brunhild's confidence ...
Kristanna Loken and Benno Furmann star as Brunhild and Siegfried the dragon-slayer.
Nelson, "Queens as Jezebels: The Careers of Brunhild and Balthild in Merovingian History," in Medieval Women, ed.
Among the last five essays, three focus on the question of the nature of Wagner's antisemitism, while the two others concern the reception of the figure of Brunhild among National Socialist women and the connection between Wagner and National Socialism manifest in that regime's debut in 1933.
Nelson, `Queens as Jezebels: the careers of Brunhild and Balthild in Merovingian history', in D.
ret of her husband's vulnerability to the villainous Hagen; and Brunhild, spouse of King Gunther, the gold-rich, powerful King of the Rhine.
Later in the poem, Alberich aids Siegfried in his courtship of Brunhild. Alberich is a minor character in the Dietrichsage ("Dietrich legend"), which became fused with the Nibelung saga.
Chapter 8 on royal women is possibly the most readable in the book At times there is a sense of reading I Claudius, as Queen Brunhild weaves an evil spell over the Merovingians, until being tried in 1612 (after being exhibited on the back of a camel) for killing ten kings, and condemned to be tom apart by wild horses (134).
He promises that Siegfried shall marry Kriemhild in return for aiding him in winning Brunhild. With Siegfried's aid, Gunther overcomes Brunhild in her required feats of skill and strength.
Siegfried helps the three brothers fight the Saxons, then agrees to help one of them, Gunther, in courting Queen Brunhild of Iceland, on the condition of his own marriage to Kriemhild.
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