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a Valkyrie or a queen in the Nibelungenlied who loved the hero Siegfried

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Sifried and Brunhild (Wagner's Siegfried and Brunhilde) belong to a quite separate epic tradition, which merged with the lay of the Nibelungen only much later.
He encounters Brunhild (Kristanna Loken), mighty queen of Iceland, who sleeps with him simply because he was the first person able to wrestle her to the ground.
because much of her power had been brought to an end, and yet she considered herself a better woman than Brunhild.
Nelson, "Queens as Jezebels: The Careers of Brunhild and Balthild in Merovingian History," in Medieval Women, ed.
41) See Janet Nelson, `Queens as Jezebels: the careers of Brunhild and Balthild in Merovingian history', in Medieval Women, ed.
This is the gown being put together for Brunhild to receive Kriemhild and Sigfrid.
Gunther agrees but on the condition that he help him the favor and hand of the Icelandic queen Brunhild.
It is just such a spectacular flower,'' said Brunhild Zimmerman, a Pasadena retiree who has followed the blooming progress, taking a photo and completing a drawing in her notebook every day for the past week.