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Florentine architect who was the first great architect of the Italian Renaissance (1377-1446)

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Assuredly, Brunelleschi would have understood them in authentic Trecento terms; and Dufay, given the extraordinary intricacy of numerological relationships in his music, not only would have been capable of such comprehension, but most likely would have been intrigued by the Duomo scheme, especially if it was explained to him by the architect (and also considering his figuration of the Solomonic-Marian proportional nexus in his mu sic).
Wohl challenges (84-86) the assumption that once Brunelleschi had demonstrated linear perspective, paintings were regarded as spatial continua rather than, in the words of Vasari, "planes covered with fields of paint." For Wohl, Italian Renaissance painting was not "a picture window into space." Based upon his interpretation of relevant texts, Wohl's conclusion is that the primary purpose of perspective was not to record space but to render the objects in it in relief, noting that Renaissance writers did not speak of space but of the objects (in that space) which could be seen in various perspectives.
Brunelleschi, who completed a hattrick for Newmarket-based Pat Gilligan last spring, swooped to score in the 6f handicap and give the trainer success with his first runner since taking a licence out again last month.
The Duomo, essentially the 1350s design of Francesco Talenti as modified 1366-1367 by a committee of artists, becomes "Arnolfo's" in Vasari, except of course for the Cupola, which was quickly given over entirely to Brunelleschi's authorship despite strong evidence that it was a collaborative enterprise, led but not exclusively designed or built by him (Trachtenberg, 1983).
BRUNELLESCHI bounced back to form with a fine second at Ascot last time out and the step up to 6f should help him to go one better in the East Coast Waste Handicap (3.40) at Yarmouth today.
For example, he juxtaposes the competition between Ghiberti and Brunelleschi for the Baptistry Doors and the competing choir lofts of Donatello and della Robbia for the Cathedral, with the cooperation between Masaccio and Masolino in the frescoes for the Brancacci Chapel.
Yarmouth: 1.10 Swayze, 1.40 Ebn Malk, 3.40 Brunelleschi.
Poets or artists are forever transformed or transforming themselves, as when, in their poetry, Dante or Petrarch are turned to stone by their beloved, as if they were petrified by the Ovidian Medusa.(4) Artists can also metamorphose others, as when Brunelleschi, in the fable of the Fat Carpenter, transforms the plump artisan into somebody other than himself or, rather, deceives the fat fellow into believing he is no longer himself.
Although Gilligan had just one winner in 2006, senior sprinter Brunelleschi had sparked a revival at Sackville House Stables this term when racking up a hat-trick in May.
Vasari also made use of earlier texts, including, for example, an autobiography of sons written by Ghlberti, and the precocious biography of Brunelleschi by Manetti.
BRUNELLESCHI probably wasn't suited by the four-runner field going for his hat-trick in the 6f handicap at Yarmouth, but it didn't stop him from winning, despite trading at an in-running high of 26.
By that time apprentice Luke Morris had galvanised Brunelleschi to go clear and complete a hat-trick for trainer Paddy Gilligan.
"The Artist" begins with Brunelleschi, Donatello, and Masaccio in early Renaissance Florence, then moves on to Leonardo, Michelangelo, Raphael, Durer, Titian, Veronese, Bruegel, Caravaggio, Gentileschi (roughly 1400-1650).
Luke Morris, on the mark at Chepstow on Tuesday, rode another winner in the 6f apprentice handicap, with the Pat Gilligan-trained Brunelleschi running out a wide-margin winner.
After a day of exploring the famous Duomo, art galleries, museums and pizzerias, head back to the four-star Hotel Brunelleschi.