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It also indicates that 47% of respondents strongly agreed and 41% agreed that Bruneians should be better exposed to and educated more about takaful products and services.
An amendment to the National Registration and Immigration Act of 2002 allowed female Bruneian citizens to transfer their nationality to their children.
Badlisyah pointed out that more needs to be done to give Bruneians a wider choice of Shari'ah-compliant investment.
Asked if these revenue jumps would be possible for Bruneian businesses to achieve, he said: "I definitely think there are opportunities, not just a jump in revenue but also environmental and social, too."
But there's a catch for would-be bidders - all fittings, including bunks, doors, bulkhead and mess deck, were designed for Bruneian sailors with an average height of 5ft 6in.
Both sides have now reached an agreement which will allow the Bruneians to find a buyer for the vessels while they remain at Scotstoun.
The final section, on Chinese migration to Southeast Asia, examines two Malaysian cases and one Bruneian. In "Why Stay" (ch 10), we understand how Malaysia's ethnic politics and crime rate, Hong Kong's meritocratic society, and Shanghai's high salaries (pp.160-170) all constitute competing push- and pull-factors that swirl around Malaysian (step) migration choices.
But where others see anachronisms, Bruneians see their traditions.
Bruneians are so impressed with the work ethic of the multitasking Filipinos that even Sultan Haji Hassanal Bolkiah employs many Filipinos in his palace.
The flow in both directions of students and faculty will educate Bruneians about the United States and help Americans learn about Brunei's unique biodiversity and moderate Islamic practices.
First, in late 2011 there was a bus disaster at Tamparuli (Sabah) in which seven Bruneians perished.
Nur Azimah Zaili, who studied in the field of health and social care, thanked everyone involved in the success of all the students, and said: "Cardiff is an ideal city for Bruneians - I was very happy there.
The 60-member team also includes 18 other Malaysians, a Japanese development expert, 10 Bruneians and seven Libyans.
"It's not as big as Disneyland, but it's better," said Mohamhad Sofrihaten, aged 19, who like many Bruneians has dubbed the park the Sultan's Playground.
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