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a native or inhabitant of Brunei

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Rai Taimoor imformed the Bruneian minister about the measures taken by Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) government for promotion and development of tourism in Punjab.
Peter Savage rescues a beautiful Bruneian woman from capture, only for her to be snatched soon after by mysterious thugs.
Once a part of the Bruneian Empire, the settlement was handed to British buccaneer James Brooke in 1841.
Despite the fact that there had been many Bruneian female graduates doing well in all kinds of disciplines and professions, the number of women in decision-making posts in the country does not appear to mirror this trend in higher educational attainments.
I've always been curious about permaculture after learning about it from a Bruneian entrepreneur and wellness advocate who told me that she hired a permaculture expert to design her home garden which is now supplying her with organically grown fruits and veggies.
We are pleased to offer our guests the best Bruneian hospitality and positively position Brunei International Airport [BIA] to international travellers.
Thirty years on, we are very happy to see the growth of Jollibee into a brand which is well-loved by the Bruneian community," said JFC Chief Executive Ernesto Tanmantiong.
Their topics include the arrest of Diponegoro: visual orientalism and its alternative, nightmarish visions: shifting visual representations of the Islamic terrorist throughout the War on Terror, oil and women: invisibility as power in Nawal El-Saadawi's Love in the Kingdom of Oil, contemporary Bruneian cinema in the context of Sharia Law, and from women to Tehran: the shifting representation of the Islamic Republic of Iran on book covers by Iranian writers in English.
This achievement marks a huge milestone for our Group in our over twenty years of serving the Bruneian people.'
This also demonstrates Insurans Islam TAIB's commitment towards attracting and retaining a strong and professional workforce, and towards promoting the growth, sustainability and professionalism of the Bruneian financial system.
Sheikh Sabah Al-Khaled also held a luncheon banquet in honor of the visiting Bruneian official and his accompanying delegation.
During our first gig, at our embassy's annual celebration of the end of Ramadan in this Muslim-majority country, we played a variety of songs, including an original I wrote in Bruneian Malay called "Awang Esok," meaning "Mr.
Opportunity for a little "social comment" is also missed in "What's in a name" and "More good names," which identify modern Bruneian residences of the grander type--owned by royalty or nobility and top government Ministers of recent vintage--without once breathing the word "auspicious "to explain the predominance of Arabic names; or names recalling Brunei mythical heroes; or a precious stone (even where in one such case the roof design of the house is bogus Minangkabau: cf on p 61 the photograph of the residence of the Sultan's brother, Foreign Minister Prince Mohamed, Istana Hijau Baiduri--"Palace of the Green Opal").
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