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Ahmad Fadil said the close cooperation between the two countries was evident from an economic standpoint with Malaysia's exports to Brunei last year amounting to nearly US$600 million (RM2.51 billion) while Malaysia's import value was about US$450 million (RM1,673 million).
The report quoted Ambassador to Brunei Christopher Montero as saying they are closely coordinating with Brunei authorities for updates on Brunei's joint search and rescue operations with Malaysia.
If you have any questions please feel free to contact our call centre in Brunei (+673-2212222) or Dubai (+96612 665 7143 / 7908 / 661 2679) during office hours.
The statement noted that Al-Sisi also expressed the hope to strengthen bilateral cooperation with Brunei in various fields, particularly on the religious, tourism, cultural and economic fronts.
The sultan's response to the world reaction to Brunei's harsh new law was described as unusual, as he has usually ignored any criticism of his actions.
He also expressed Pakistan's gratitude to the Brunei government for its support to Pakistan in attaining Full Dialogue Partnership in ASEAN.
We do not support in any way the laws being introduced in Brunei (including on Bruneiregistered aircraft and vessels).
Virgin Australia Airlines, the second biggest airline in Australia after Qantas, ended an agreement that offered discounted tickets on Royal Brunei Airlines for staff.
"Some of the potential 'offences' should not even be deemed crimes at all, including consensual sex between adults ofthe same gender."A notice on Brunei's Attorney General's Chambers dated December 29 last year said the provisions will take effect on April 3.
Royal Brunei Airlines has announced it has entered into an agreement with British Airways that extends Royal Brunei's network from 11 to 23 airports in the UK and Europe, the company said.
At a summit in the Brunei capital Bandar Seri Begawan, President Moon Jae-in thanked Brunei for backing his signature New Southern Policy, aimed at boosting ties with Southeast Asian nations.
Information, in coordination with the Sultanate's Embassy in Brunei
by ONA Sheikh Ahmed bin Hashel Al Maskari, Sultanate's Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam said that the Sultanate's participation as the first Guest of Honour at Brunei Book Fair reflects the deep bilateral relations between the Sultanate and Brunei.