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As the Sejarah records it, a storm intervened during the voyage forcing the two Melaka envoys to shelter momentarily within the friendly Malay kingdom of Brunai (presently, Brunei).
Manan (2007), "A Comparative Analysis between Grameen Bank and Social Investment Bank Ltd: Myths and Realities" paper presented at first International Conference on Inclusive Islamic Finance, Brunai Darussalam (2007).
Griffiths, tied 21 on the first day, is struggling with form and has only one top- 10 finish, a tied fifth at the Brunai Open, this season to his credit.
In collaboration with Red Cross, World Vision, UNICEF, Charity Funds and other social welfare organizations, cellular companies in Brunai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Czech Republic, Canada, Egypt and USA have advertised short codes to their customers in which cellphone users can send an SMS message that will automatically contribute five or 10 dollars to the respective charities.
In CBU form Avanza cars were exported to Thailand, Brunai, other countries.