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a native or resident of Birmingham, England


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Helen is given a Brummie badge at one stage, though, having nailed the meaning of "clarting about".
However, whether it's because of the cast or because they have become more comfortable with ' Brummie English', after initially sounding like some strange Scousers it seems it is now not top of the tree when polled which is the worst accent/ dialect in England.
But that's still not enough and using Brummie Bonds to raise PS45 million to help finance more house building is welcome news.
THE Brummies 2016 is shaping up to be bigger and better than ever - so make a date in your diary to join us.
The second leg takes place at the Newcastle Stadium (5.30pm) as part of a Brummie double-header.
Just how I was supposed to spot a Brummie perplexed me.
But Dr Lance Workman, who led the research at Bath Spa University, said Brummie had become a stereotype for low IQ.
It was a sixth successive defeat for the injury-hit Edwards Plumbing Brummies, and they will be grateful for the upcoming fortnight's break as they look to re-group for the month of August.
The founder member of Brummie supergroups The Move and ELO will play a special tribute to the city's musical heritage at the prestigious event that has become one of the biggest dates on the Birmingham calendar.
Asked by presenter John Snow if she was a Brummie, Miss Yousafzai said: "I think I am a Brummie.
"There's nothing like a good old Brummie balti," says the regular Sunday Mercury reader.
Dear Editor, The proposal for Brummie Bonds (Paul Dale, Birmingham Post, December 31), was made in February 2004, not at the end of the year, following research by senior accountant Richard Murphy and Colin Hines, currently the convenor of the New Economics Foundation's Green New Deal group.
The Borderers' sixth place in the league gave them second choice of opponent and, based on their memorable win on Brummie shale a couple of months ago, it was Birmingham who got their vote.
"As a proud Brummie myself, I'm delighted that the club is taking part," said Blues media boss Andy Walker.
GEORGE Cadbury has been voted the city's top Brummie and has been honoured at a unique art installation created by a local hospice.