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English dandy who was a fashion leader during the Regency (1778-1840)

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No final do seculo, quando o dandismo ganha folego renovado na Inglaterra, agora mesclado a lembranca de Brummell na primeira metade do seculo e a recriacao francesa do espirito elegante na segunda, ele se configura mais como exclusivismo do que como contestacao aos valores contemporaneos.
A figura do dandi Beau Brummell ilustra a passagem do luxo entendido como uma obrigacao para o momento em que ele passa a manifestar uma aspiracao individual.
Georgiana Cavendish, Duchess of Devonshire secured the third position followed by George Brummell.
The Dandy and the Herald: Manners, Mind, and Morals from Brummell to Durrell.
a shirt and a hat (pictures on Facebook at George Galloway MP and left), and felt quite the Beau Brummell.
Following its sale to William Brummell in 1783, the house was transformed into a country estate.
FOR the royal meeting I'm happy enough for Ascot to introduce any new rules it chooses, on the basis that it's an anachronistic and arcane one-off, a last bastion of Beau Brummell.
Members of the Bay of Quinte Branch Executive were busy scurrying about in the fall with donated copies of Connie Brummell Crook's historical novels.
So impeccably dressed was dandy George (Beau) Brummell (1778-1840) that the rumour went round that different, specialist glovemakers produced each finger of his gloves.
Still, be all that as it may, the Treatise really is a delightful, insightful, pocketsize version of what Balzac most admire& Divided into five chapters over three parts, and containing fifty-three aphorisms, such as "Elegant living is, in the broad acceptance of the term, the art of animating repose" or my favorite, "A man becomes rich; he is born elegant," neither of which really fit Balzac himself, the Treatise was the progenitor for texts such as Barbey d'Aurevilly's On Dandyism and George Brummell (1845) and Baudelaire's "The Painter of Modern Life" (1863).
March 13 - Lord Goldsmith tells his legal secretary, David Brummell, that he has decided the "better view" is that a further resolution is not legally necessary.
The British Ambassador to Kazakhstan, Paul Brummell, told the BBC that officials would monitor the progress of the case and any arrests that were made.
In a845 he published the first version of his influential essay Du Dandysme et de George Brummell showcasing the famous British "Beau" not as a vain and superficial being but instead as a legendary figure of psychological depth and intellectual greatness, as "un homme qui porte en lui quelque chose de superieur au monde visible" "intellectuel jusque dans le genre de beaute qu'il possedait" (2: 692).