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a member of a group of Siouan people who constituted a division of the Teton Sioux

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"It stretched from strategy, to naming, to livery design, to uniforms and pretty much everything in between," Brule says of the commission.
With the help of what Brule calls "sexy packaging," Radio Kalaweit targets the 15 to 22 age group "an age when it is not yet too late to change attitudes." The strategy seems to have paid off.
Finally, the presence of Ankylodon progressus in the Brule Formation in North Dakota helps constrain the age of the strata in southwestern North Dakota as Orellan.
One of the desserts on the impressive menu that I simply had to try was a more modern dish, gingerbread brioche brule.
The fruit has flown off supermarket shelves after the cook promoted her recipe for rhubarb and ginger brule.
Westrock Group, Inc., a New York-based financial services holding company with independent broker/dealer, asset management, and wealth management subsidiaries, recently announced that the firm has been acquired by LBC Western Holdings, a company 100%-owned by the Lower Brule Sioux Tribe in South Dakota.
Nicole Brule, a doctor of psychology, and Phyllis O'Neill, a licensed clinical social worker, have joined Bill McClain, licensed clinical social worker, at the Professional Center in Eugene.
In truffle culture, the terms 'burn' or 'brule' are used to describe spots where truffles grow and refer to the phytotoxic capacity of the Tuber mycelia and to their ability to create clearings in the vegetation where the mycelia bear fruit (Papa 1992).
Recently the company has sold all hard coking coal production from the Wolverine operations at around USD300 per tonne, and all low-volatile PCI coal at the Brule operation at around USD248 per tonne.
The reservoirs created behind the dams flooded portions of seven Indian reservations--Fort Berthold, Cheyenne River, Standing Rock, Lower Brule, Crow Creek, Yankton, and Santee.
Robert Tree Cody's album Heart of the Wind earned him the flutist of the year award, the Cherokee National Youth Choir's Comfort and Joy album was named best gospel or inspirational recording, and Brule and AIRO were named duo or group of the year.
For those readers who are familiar with the award winning New-Age Native American band 'Brule', the story of Paul's adoption and upbringing in southwestern Minnesota with the subsequent discovery at age 38 that he was born to a woman of the Lakota tribe from South Dakota may be familiar.
From Gooseberry Falls to Pigeon River Falls, and not omitting my favorite, the Brule River falls and the Devil's Kettle, Waterfalls of Minnesota's North Shore is a great hiker's manual and may open the way to encourage the less experienced hiker to explore this beautiful area.
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