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Synonyms for bruiser

Synonyms for bruiser

a large and strong and heavyset man

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Johnny: My old band, the Bruisers, did a show in Germany.
Among the big bruisers of note are La-Z-Boy's Oasis recliner, with a built-in electric cooler that stores up to six beverages, a 10-motor massage unit with heat and an optional telephone with caller ID and a Web TV with keyboard.
Unlike the light, strong, metal-alloy bicycles with 10 speeds or more that abound in Western countries, cycle-rickshaws remain largely single-gear bruisers weighing up to 90 kilograms unloaded.
hairy-arsed, aggressive bruisers who like to drink copious amounts of beer and party in the buff.
Particularly if you hook into one of the lake's 3- or 4-pound bruisers.
Hacks are now taking bets on who would win a square-go between the two political bruisers.
We've played big bruisers against Cal and Stanford.
Some City experts are nervously watching the number of big bruisers already in the artificial hips market.
Azusa has some talent but will probably look like a high school team in comparison to the bruisers the Matadors have been looking at across the line of scrimmage.
Fishermen toss plugs near shore, then crank furiously to tease the bruisers into hitting.
If it doesn't pull in by then, however, expect one of the two big bruisers scheduled for July 25 - the Harrison Ford president-in-peril picture ``Air Force One'' or the Mel Gibson/Julia Roberts action comedy ``Conspiracy Theory'' - to move up a week.
Anglers have two more weeks to tackle the bruisers before the season closes.
The most petted stars at last week's special screening of ``Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde'' were Gidget and Moondoggie, the Chihuahuas who take turns playing Reese Witherspoon's pampered pet, Bruiser.