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a conventional name for a bear used in tales following usage in the old epic 'Reynard the Fox'

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This is the second time in five years the Bruins have sent the Leafs crashing out of the post-season by erasing third-period deficits.
By the fourth period, the lead had gone up to 16, 72-56, behind the Bruins JE Dayrit, Michael Nidoy and Drick Gascon.
Despite dropping his hydration bottle after hitting a speed bump in the first run-to-bike transition, the 28-year-old Bruins clocked two hours, 57 minutes and 28 seconds in the 10-kilometer run-60K bike-10K run event and crossed the finished line way ahead of his rivals.
The late -- make that really, really late -- drama continued as the Bruins defeated the pathetic, but pesky Toronto Maple Leafs, 2-1, in a shootout Saturday night at TD Garden.
The Bruins' offense has faltered little averaging 76.5 PPG in wins over Tulsa, 76-59 and Stephen F.
According to JetBlue, the agreement kicks off tomorrow at historic Faneuil Hall in downtown Boston, where JetBlue will host the 2013-2014 Bruins Season Takeoff Rally.
Mr Dijkema was captured in Appingedam on the German-Dutch border by Bruins and fellow SS officer August Neuhaeuser.
A week after the humiliating loss, UCLA upset California at home, 31-14, holding the Bears to 333 yards and sparking the Bruins' run toward the top of the Pac-12 South.
"Over 25,000 Bruins fans showed up at TD Garden in September to get an early glimpse of Tyler Seguin and the Bruins rookies," said Joel Feld, NESN's executive vice president of programming and executive producer.
NESN National is the national television service of New England Sports Network, a sports television network owned by the Boston Red Sox and Boston Bruins. Bright House Networks is the second Multiple System Operator (MSO) to launch NESN National, which provides fans outside New England the best opportunity to follow the Red Sox, Bruins and all New England sports, particularly those who also watch Red Sox and Bruins games through MLB and NHL league packages.
The way the story goes, a trespassing towheaded pre-teen barged into the rustic country cottage of a nuclear family of anthropomorphic bruins. Her motivation?
Bruins of the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel and Johannes van der Plicht of the University of Groningen in the Netherlands in the July 18 Nature.
BOSTON -- Believe it or not, the Bruins won a game even though David Pastrnak didn't score, but they've decided to keep the 18-year-old rookie around anyway.