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Zacher (1952) menciona a Mimosestes cinerifer asociado a Mimosa sp.; ademas menciona dos especies del genero Bruchus asociados a M.
The most common species in the lentil seeds samples of the five cultivars was the lesser grain borer, Rhyzopertha dominica, followed by the large faba bean beetle the Bruchus rufimanus (Table 4).
The neoplastic pod gene (Np) may be a factor for resistance to the pest Bruchus pisorum L.
pulegium leaves picked from two regions of Morocco (Middle Atlas; Loukkos) that are used tremendously by Moroccan people for therapeutic purposes and to evaluate the efficiency of its essential oils against Bruchus rufimanus.
Estudios en campo y bioensayos con semilla de arveja transgenica ocasionaron 100% de mortalidad de larvas de Bruchus pisorum L.
Bean alpha-amylase inhibitor 1 in transgenic peas (Pisum sativum) provides complete protection from pea weevil (Bruchus pisorum) under field conditions.
The seeds are large (12.0 [+ or -] 3.5 mg, N = 576), mature after 40-70 d and are often preyed upon by bean weevils (Bruchus atomarius).
humerosus (Fairmaire, 1898) were described first in the genera Caryoborus and Bruchus (Pachymerus), respectively, and in 1913 Pic transferred them to the genus Caryopemon, and, in 1924, he described the species C.
A response of five pea varieties (Pisum sativum L.) to damage degree of Bruchus pisorum L., a univoltine bruchid similar to B.
En 1932, Pic describe a una especie africana muy tipica como Bruchus impressithorax; posteriormente, Bridwell (1938) describe a un insecto detectado en los Estados Unidos proveniente de Kenia en semillas de Erythrina como Specularius erythrinae, haciendo referencia al espejo o area lustrosa que presentaba en el pigidio el insecto y al nombre del hospedero; los ejemplares eran tan tipicos que fue necesario hacer tambien la descripcion de un nuevo genero.
obtectus was reported by Say in 1831 from Louisinia, USA, but placed under genus Bruchus Linnaues 1767.
1997), 1-undecene, suggested to be a male sex pheromone component, and cinnamaldehyde, which attracted both male and female adults of Bruchus rufimanus Boheman (Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae) (Bruce et al.
Use of essential oil of Acorus calamus (L.) as an insecticide against the pulse beetle Bruchus chinensis L.
sharpianus Bridwell, which initially was described as Bruchus longulus Sharp, but because the specific name was preoccupied in Bruchus it had to be replaced.
(2004) the following genera of Bruchidae feed on Malvaceae seeds in the world: Abutiloneus (1 species), Acanthoscelides (35 species), Althaeus (3 species), Amblycerus (2 species), Bonaerius (1 species), Bruchidius (1 species), Bruchus (2 species), Callosobruchus (1 species), Caryedon (1 species), Neobruchidius (1 species), Sennius (1 species), and Spermophagus (12 species).