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Kouninki H Etude de la toxicite des huiles essentielles de quelques plantes traditionnelles utilisees au Nord Cameroun contre les Bruchidae et Curculionidae.
Includes Acanaloniidae, Asilidae, Bruchidae, Carabidae, Cerambycidae, Cicindelidae, Elateridae, Miridae, Myrmeleontidae, Nabidae, Pentatomidae, Psyllidae, Rhopalidae, Scutellaridae and unidentified insect parts.
Bruchidae (Coleoptera) del noroeste Argentino: descripcion de Sennius terani sp.
The most important pests of stored products are in two orders, Lepidoptera and Coleoptera [35] and families such as Bruchidae, Cucujidae, Bostrichidae, Curculionidae, and Tenebrionidae.
Handbook of the Bruchidae of the United States and Canada (Insecta: Coleoptera).
Relaciones entre Bruchidae (Coleoptera) y poblaciones silvestres de Phaseolus (Leguminosae: Phaseolinae) en el norte de Morelos, Mexico.