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an aerobic Gram-negative coccobacillus that causes brucellosis

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Accurate typing procedures are critical for eradication and control of disease-causing organisms, but DNA-based techniques are challenging because the various Brucella species and strains have a high degree of genetic homology, as demonstrated by whole-genome comparative analyses of the 3 Brucella genomes sequenced, Brucella melitensis (4), Brucella suis (5), and Brucella abortus (6).
Brucella suis identification and biovar typing by real-time PCR.
Humans are susceptible to infection by Brucella suis, B.
transmission through inadvertent cuts or scratches, which has occurred with other zoonotic pig pathogens, such as Brucella suis (14).
Real-time detection of Brucella abortus, Brucella melitensis, and Brucella suis.