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an orderly assigned to serve a British military officer

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In the plot, Bane has taken over Gotham helped by an evil alternative reality version of Bruce Wayne's father, Thomas.
We became mates after we burned down Bruce Wayne's manor in Batman Begins.
In the middle of all this, she discovers Bruce Wayne's bat cave and his suit, which she dons and absolutely rock for a while.
The son of No Nay Never showed blinding speed when winning his maiden by a whopping seven lengths but against stiffer opposition yesterday he impressed every bit as much, finishing off his race strongly in winning by three and three-quarter lengths from Bruce Wayne with stablemate Fantasy back in third.
Mazouz, now a teen, started playing Bruce Wayne four years ago.
Five puppies who are genetically identical to the dog, named Bruce Wayne, were born in October and thrived.
Bruce Wayne's path towards that man just becomes clearer and clearer.
This story places the familiar mythology of Batman firmly in the modern-day world, seeing it through the eyes of a teenage Bruce Wayne on the cusp of donning the famous cowl.
Filming required the whole vehicle to be enlarged to 110% compared to its predecessor, in order to accommodate seating the film's impressive over 1,90 m tall Bruce Wayne while maintaining its sleek-looking low roofline.
Emily Locke (Vanessa Hudgens), a determined Wharton graduate, hopes to whip into shape a company owned by Bruce Wayne's less charismatic cousin Van (Alan Tudyk).
In another room, Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox are at the mercy of Edward Nygma, who pelts them with riddles they must solve to survive.
In the latest bat flick to hit the screens, Bruce Wayne has already been working as the masked vigilante for 20 years.
You can now get a 360 degree tour of Bruce Wayne's mansion from the movie.
The action begins with a young Bruce Wayne attending the funeral of his parents, gunned down in a street robbery, before we fast forward to modern-day Metropolis, the home city of Clark Kent/ Superman (Henry Cavill), whose battle with alien invaders leaves the skyline in ruins.