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Australian physician and bacteriologist who described the bacterium that causes undulant fever or brucellosis (1855-1931)

king of Scotland from 1306 to 1329

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As the mate was helping one of the rescued passengers up the side of the bark, who should he turn out to be but the very man whose ghostly appearance Bruce had seen in the captain's cabin writing on the captain's slate!
"Some vocabulary," Bruce Cadogan Cavendish muttered in aside to Chauncey Delarouse.
The paper was stamped American Embassy,' and it was the digest of several opinions as to the effect of the new patent law upon the import of articles manufactured under processes controlled by the Coulson & Bruce syndicate.
STEVE Bruce says he will wait to hear all of the facts before deciding his stance on reports that his players were involved in a late-night row in a pizza shop in Morpeth.
Newcastle have appointed Steve Bruce as Rafael Benitez's replacement after their search for a new manager finally came to a close.
STEVE BRUCE has agreed to join boyhood club Newcastle United as the lowest-paid manager in the Premier League.
Henry Bruce allowed his account to be used to channel more than PS10,000 that had been stolen from an unsuspecting bank customer.
Mary Bruce is accused of attempting to steal more than $68,000 in fraudulent insurance claims.
When a good man like Bruce has labelled his detractors as the 'mad few' and refused to accept criticism, has had to dash down tunnel to avoid hostility at Villa Park, and suffered humiliation of an idiot fan throwing a cabbage...
Dirty jokes and hard insults flew during the July 14 taping of Comedy Central's roast of Hollywood action hero Bruce Willis at the Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles - and it was all in good fun!
When Rosemarie Ford sits down to watch the Generation Game tonight she will be thinking about her good friend Bruce Forsyth.
Bruce hosts Beat the Clock E was born Bruce Joseph Forsyth-Johnson and was also born an entertainer.
Christopher Moran inflicted horrific injuries to Alan Bruce's lips, mouth and tongue in a savage assault in the hotel room they were sharing.
A REPEAT of a programme about Sir Bruce Forsyth was viewed by nearly double the audience who tuned into the hotly-anticipated Child Genius final.