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a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular

a program used to view HTML documents

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The ease of use of Web browsers is complemented by the ease of publishing information on the net.
With 130 million MAUs, UC Browser is now the sixth most downloaded app in the country, according to StatCounter.
India, April 8 -- Noting the lack of basic security features like XSS auditors, a researcher has found a URL spoofing vulnerability on Xiaomi-made Mi Browser and the Mint Browser.
Browsers have become an integral tool many of us use several times throughout the day, both for work and personal reasons.
'For the longest time, browsers have been considered just another application,' said Mathivanan Venkatachalam, vice president of ManageEngine.
browsers used in Windows environments, such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox,
[ClickPress, Wed Aug 29 2018] LambdaTest, a leading cloud based cross browser testing platform, announced the launch of its Chrome Extension which can help testers with screenshot testing across multiple browsers.
Mozilla's products currently include the Firefox Quantum desktop browser, the Firefox mobile browser, the Firefox Focus ad blocker, and the various add-ons for its browsers.
Mozilla, the community behind the Firefox web browser, has announced a new project called Scout.
In contrast to the limited privacy provided by existing browsers, Avast Secure Browser offers a wide range of settings that the user can tailor, including Anti-Tracking, Bank Mode, Stealth Mode and VPN integration.
With the release of iOS 11, developers at Flashphoner added compatibility with the new Safari 11 browser and presented an update that now covers Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Safari and iOS Safari browsers.
Advertising networks/brokers could try to enforce a "minimum" version level for browsers and plug-ins, but that is a difficult task that is dynamically changing.
UCWeb, maker of the world's number 1 third-party mobile browser, with 35.3 market share in Pakistan, has released the biggest update in last one year to its mobile browser for Pakistani Android users.Unlike any other mobile browsers in the market, UC Browser for Android is first of its kind to give its users complete freedom to personalize the way they discover and access web content.
UC Browser, Pakistan's number one mobile browser with over 26.3% market share, has outperformed in a trial over NGMNs (The Next Generation Mobile Networks), delivering three times faster download speed comparing other mobile browsers.
In a departure from other browsers, the Yandex interface "blurs the boundary between the website and the web browser," since the tabs appear along the bottom of the screen instead of the top, as in rival browsers, and the search bar disappears when not in use.