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a viewer who looks around casually without seeking anything in particular

a program used to view HTML documents

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School users therefore started turning to alternative browsers including Mozilla, Opera, Safari and the increasingly popular Firefox.
To locate all the available browsers, type Internet Browsers into Google or any search engine.
Transferring the power of the desktop into an Internet browser environment is the essence of Web services.
Web browsers give you the option of cleaning out the cache, but most people never think to empty these "footprints" from their hard disk.
It's the first major overhaul of the browser since Netscape became part of AOL in early 1999.
There are practical reasons for looking at alternative browsers besides not wanting to succumb to the marketing pressure of the two leaders.
The market for browsers remains dominated by Netscape; indeed, many Windows 95 users install Netscape's browser and click on the icon for it when they want to use the Web.
Winwap has ported and customized their WinWAP Browser and WinWAP MMS Client to devices designed by RV Tec to provide WAP and web service access and MMS functionality.
The big noise comes from Navigator and Explorer, but other browsers have their fans, too.
Browsers read and interpret hypertext markup language (HTML), the programming language of Web pages.
Scientists at the PBMS Lab use web browsers to connect to Proteome-3D to query and retrieve different experimental results they want to study.
Since its release, the Maxthon browser has been downloaded over 50 million times, and is rapidly becoming one of the world's leading internet browsers.
E[acute accent]"By integrating the BitTorrent protocol, licensing the company's globally recognized trademark and collaborating with BitTorrent creator Bram Cohen, Opera is demonstrating leadership among Web browsers and consideration for the open source software ecosystem," says Ashwin Navin, President, BitTorrent.
Netscape joined IE as the only browsers to lose market share in 2005.