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a member of the Nazi SA which wore brown uniforms

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FW: A lot is said these days about the "Red-Brown" menace, or red-flag Stalinism merged with brownshirt fascism.
It's hard to work out what exactly they are arguing about now, but it's got so bad that Coun Mullaney - for no apparent reason - compared Coun Compton to a "Brownshirt", one of Hitler's thugs.
Community Beat with Community Constable Barbara Brownshirt
(Between 1926 and 1933 the KPD kept its headquarters on the plaza in Karl Liebknecht House--where the Left Party is located today.) When the National Socialists came to power in 1933, they changed the plaza's name to Horst-Wessel-Platz to honor a local brownshirt, murdered three years earlier, who had penned the Nazi anthem "Die Fahne hoch" (The Flag on High).
And now, at last, ickle Bernie Ecclestone and his sidekick, son of Brownshirt Sir Oswald, Max Mosely, seem to have cottoned on.
In Germany there was more than one instance of Communist cooperation with brownshirt forces against the Social Democrats.
"They wrote a story called "The Jews and Adolf Hitler," in which they used the term "Final Solution." They (the Post) had uncovered from sources within the "Brownshirts," Hitler's private army, plans not only for the persecution of the Jews but for something called "the Final Solution," which was described in euphemistic terms.
Many had fought in the streets of Berlin and Munich against Noske's Free Corps and Hitler's Brownshirts, or against Oswald Mosley's British Fascists when they tried to invade London's East End.
Hitler's Brownshirts created near-anarchy in Germany, but they were not working to end government, per se, but rather were using anarchic conditions as a means to establish the totalitarian government of National Socialism.
One, who never quite got the hang of the controls, said that it had been torturous to watch the brownshirts murder her, again and again, just as real life Nazis had slaughtered so many of her relatives.
From the moment he joins up with Oswald Mosley's fascist brownshirts, strutting defiantly down the street, he finds his sense of male pride restored and we know tragedy is inevitably just a heartbeat away.
And in any case, why would McCain, scion of admirals, want the nomination of an empty shell of a party freshly peopled by Buchananites when he was the first important Republican to denounce the brownshirted views in Pat's latest book?
His father was an active member in the Brownshirts before he became a Nazi official during the war.
Demanding machine guns for his 2 million Brownshirts, Rohm declared: `The SA is and will be the arbiters of Germany's fate'.