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Synonyms for Browning

United States inventor of firearms (especially automatic pistols and repeating rifles and a machine gun called the Peacemaker) (1855-1926)

English poet and husband of Elizabeth Barrett Browning noted for his dramatic monologues (1812-1889)

English poet best remembered for love sonnets written to her husband Robert Browning (1806-1861)

cooking to a brown crispiness over a fire or on a grill

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Browning might say, as his wife said in an early preface, I never mistook pleasure for the final cause of poetry, nor leisure for the hour of the poet--as indeed he has himself said, to much the same effect, in a letter printed many years ago: I never pretended to offer such literature as should be a substitute for a cigar or a game at dominoes to an idle man.
After all, we have to conjure up ideal poets for ourselves out of those who stand in or behind the range of volumes on our book-shelves; and our ideal Browning would have for his entire structural type those two volumes of Men and Women with Pippa Passes.
Browning has given us the key, and those volumes a delightful gift to our age-record of so much that is richest in the world of things, and men, and their works--all so much the richer by the great intellect, the great imagination, which has made the record, transmuted them into imperishable things of art:--
Browning has renounced the selfish serenities of wild-wood and dream-palace; he has fared up and down among men, listening to the music of humanity, [51] observing the acts of men, and he has sung what he has heard, and he has painted what he has seen.
During the Falklands War of 1982, both sides fielded soldiers armed with Brownings.
But Rugby Park chiefs have announced they are to sever ties with Brownings Bakers after they learned of the firm's bid to trademark the name.
Barrett turns down an opportunity to visit family while the Brownings are in London so that she does not miss an opportunity to help him: "I should [not] choose to be away from Robert just when I am of most use to him every day in the proof-sheets.
In a sense we are here dealing with a single poem but which is in Greek, and so the two versions in English might well overlap if both Brownings had translated fairly literally from the Greek original.
The featured Brownings are made in the USA and come with a Certificate of Authenticity from Browning.
A few months later, Hall contacted the Brownings with important news: the Navy was interesting in seeing the new machine gun, but insisted on a demonstration of three minutes of continuous fire.
The grounds of the two-story home were neat and neighbor Mike Thomas said the Brownings would even pick up trash along the street.
When the vendor sued the Brownings for pounds 8,778 in 1991 for alleged non-payment of part of the goat contract, the couple counter-claimed for misrepresentation on the ground that some of the goats were infected with Johne's disease.
The Brownings asked various musicians to perform in the gallery, and the concerts were a success.
In a letter of 15 February 1859 from Elizabeth Barrett Browning to Isa Blagden, written while the Brownings were staying in Rome, Elizabeth asks her correspondent to
16 (not 6) of his Complete Works; the date of Frances Winwar's populist biography of the Brownings cannot be 1850 (p.