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United States inventor of firearms (especially automatic pistols and repeating rifles and a machine gun called the Peacemaker) (1855-1926)

English poet and husband of Elizabeth Barrett Browning noted for his dramatic monologues (1812-1889)

English poet best remembered for love sonnets written to her husband Robert Browning (1806-1861)

cooking to a brown crispiness over a fire or on a grill

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So if that is a Browning in Stack's hands, it would be great to have a 1963 article about it.
Thomas Chase's account of his visit to the Brownings is particularly interesting (370-72), as are letters by Elizabeth Kinney (374-75), William Charles Macready (375-76), and Walter Richard Cassels (376-80).
This year, two companies are offering special-edition firearms during the auction: a Colt 1911 and two Browning firarms.
Armstrong Browning Library at Baylor University recently made one of its rarest discoveries: a notebook written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning that contains the earliest known draft manuscript of "Sonnet Five" from her best-known work, Sonnets from the Portuguese.
But the idea of a gas-operated automatic weapon was an altogether revolutionary idea and its originator, unassuming Utah gun-maker John Moses Browning, the most creative inventive genius ever to apply his talents to the creation of firearms.
Police went to their suburban Baltimore home and later charged Nicholas Waggoner Browning after he admitted to the slayings, Baltimore County Police spokesman Bill Toohey said.
By 1996, the original case, which had begun at Staines County Court, was eventually settled at Kingston County Court with the Brownings paying pounds 5,000 to the original vendors and seeing their counter-claim dismissed after delays in amassing evidence.
We get calls from all over the country--librarians, people living in out-of-the-way places," explains Browning.
That's the best he's looked in a year," his grandson, Victor "Shane" Browning, told the Victorville Daily Press in a story published Saturday.
Still, one can't help worrying that all of the unpublished letters by the Brownings from their correspondence might have been published with less elaborate apparatus and without the contemporary reviews of their work in, say, six volumes.
Browning died iln 1926, the world lost the most prolific firearms design genius it has ever known.
In the months after the slaughtermen arrived, the Brownings worked to improve their farm and built a new dairy, ready for when they re-stocked.
I guess I am asking for a truly Benjaminian Browning as well as the Nietzschean and Derridean Brownings that still have purchase for me.
Steven Frye, contains a biographical essay on Poe and the Brownings by Francis B.
This year's entry rounds out the year 2010 which, as Britta Martens noted last fall, began as a productive period in Browning scholarship, including the publication of the Selected Poems (Longman, 2010) and volume 17 of The Brownings' Correspondence, edited by Philip Kelley, Scott Lewis, and Edward Hagan (Wedgestone Press, 2010).