Browning machine gun

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a belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute


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The very first Maxim, Vickers and Browning machine gun belts were made of cotton cloth with a metal spacer between each round and were, of course non-disintegrating.
50 caliber M2 HB Browning machine gun, still in service throughout the world.
At his retirement, he was Chief Engineer in charge of Browning machine gun production at Savage's Utica, New york, plant.
This is the fourth and final volume of Dolf Goldsmith's monumental series on the Browning machine gun.
Attempting to unblock a jammed Browning machine gun, he made the mistake of standing in front of the weapon and shaking the muzzle, causing six bullets to be fired at point-blank range into his chest.
50 Browning machine gun cartridge necked down to, say .
The Browning machine gun had been mounted on a tripod.
Stevens Arms Company," and used its production capacity to build Mosin-Nagants for the Russians and Browning machine guns for the Americans.
Browning machine guns in the wings was not successful.
The maximum bomb load was 14,000lbs and they were also armed with Browning machine guns in nose, dorsal and tail turrets.