Browning machine gun

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a belt-fed machine gun capable of firing more than 500 rounds per minute


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The Browning Machine Gun Volume I--Rifle Caliber Brownings in U.S.
The Model 1919 series of Browning machine guns are the air-cooled derivatives of the Model 1917 watercooled, caliber .30-'06, medium machine gun, all of which arrived too late to see extensive service during World War I.
Let us touch briefly on the history of the Browning machine gun.
Marines from various units within III Marine Expeditionary Force trained with the first optics system specifically designed for the Mk-19 and M2.50-caliber Browning machine gun at Range Two on Camp Hansen, Okinawa, Japan, last September 14.
They also installed an additional .30 caliber Browning machine gun with armor shield on each side of the cargo hatch.
"`Why?' I demanded to know, `are we expected to fight a Chinese army, which numbers in the millions, with a bolt-loading single shot rifle?' Sarge thought for a moment and with a wicked gleam in his eye said, `You've got a point their, Micklewhite!' The next day I was made the platoon machine-gunner and given a great big .30-caliber Browning machine gun and a quick lesson in how to load, fire, dismantle and assemble it -- and worst of all, how to clean it.
To begin with, Tippmann's Model .50 HB (the original was dubbed "Browning Machine Gun, Caliber .50 HB, M2") is an almost screw-of-screw shooting scale model of the original ground-mounted .50 MG.
Caption: 82nd Airborne Headquarters has an M1917 water-cooled Browning Machine Gun on an M3A4 hand cart.
This is the fourth and final volume of Dolf Goldsmith's monumental series on the Browning machine gun. This time writing in collaboration with highly respected machine gun historian Frank Iannamico, they.
Section of Browning machine gun and .303 bullet - to the Museum of the King's Own Royal Regiment, Lancaster.
At his retirement, he was Chief Engineer in charge of Browning machine gun production at Savage's Utica, New york, plant.
Caption: A view of the Sherman's 76mm gun breach and coaxial .30 caliber Browning machine gun from the loader's position.
Attempting to unblock a jammed Browning machine gun, he made the mistake of standing in front of the weapon and shaking the muzzle, causing six bullets to be fired at point-blank range into his chest.
Theoretically, the .50 Browning machine gun cartridge necked down to, say .35 or .40 caliber, might also be over-bore capacity with reloading powders.