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a junior Girl Scout

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(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

square or bar of very rich chocolate cake usually with nuts

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"O let me go to her," prayed Thistle; "if she is in sorrow, I will comfort her, and show my gratitude for all she has done for me: dear Brownie, set me free, and when she is found I will come and be your prisoner again.
"Lily-Bell is safe," replied the Brownie; "come, you shall learn the trial that awaits you."
"You cannot wake her," said the Brownie, as Thistle folded his arms tenderly about her.
It was early morning, and the rosy light shone brightly through the lily-leaves upon her, as Thistle entered, and laid his first gift at the Brownie King's feet.
The silvery moonlight shone upon her, as he came to give his second gift; and the Brownie spoke more kindly than before.
"Listen, Lily-Bell," said the Brownie King, as he appeared beside her.
"Keep your crown, Lily-Bell, for yonder come the Spirits with their gifts to Thistle," said the Brownie. And, as he pointed with his wand, out from among the mossy roots of an old tree came trooping the Earth Spirits, their flower-bells ringing softly as they came, and their jewelled garments glittering in the sun.
"Anything except that," replied Queen Mab sternly, and all the fairies chanted "Anything except that." But when they learned how Maimie had befriended Brownie and so enabled her to attend the ball to their great glory and renown, they gave three huzzas for the little human, and set off, like an army, to thank her, the court advancing in front and the canopy keeping step with it.
They all kissed their hands to it as they went away, and the last to go was Brownie. She stayed a moment behind the others to drop a pleasant dream down the chimney.
She is also talking to a major airline company about supplying brownies for international flights.
Business is booming for entrepreneur Vicky Critcher whose delicious homemade Welsh chocolate brownies are going down a storm with customers across the country.
I love brownies. When I came across this blog with the title "Gourmet Belgian Chocolate Brownie Gifts" I was drawn in.
Our palates, too, have evolved and today, we are far more adventurous and demanding about our brownies.
All brownies are preservative free, but long ambient life can be created through double baking, to enhance the taste and create a long-life ambient option.
After some trial and error, we had what we were after--crisp, minty, swirly tops that make these brownies like no other.