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a junior Girl Scout

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(folklore) fairies that are somewhat mischievous

square or bar of very rich chocolate cake usually with nuts

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But when they learned how Maimie had befriended Brownie and so enabled her to attend the ball to their great glory and renown, they gave three huzzas for the little human, and set off, like an army, to thank her, the court advancing in front and the canopy keeping step with it.
They all kissed their hands to it as they went away, and the last to go was Brownie.
Then the Brownies bore him to a high, dark rock, and, entering a little door, led him to a small cell, dimly lighted by a crevice through which came a single gleam of sunlight; and there, through long, long days, poor Thistle sat alone, and gazed with wistful eyes at the little opening, longing to be out on the green earth.
The watchful Brownies saw this kind deed, and brought him fresh flowers, and many things, which Thistle gratefully received, though he never knew it was his kindness to the vine that gained for him these pleasures.
She unbound the starving dragon-fly, and tended the wounded birds; but though all learned to love her, none could tell where the Brownies had borne her friend, till a little wind came whispering by, and told her that a sweet voice had been heard, singing Fairy songs, deep in a moss-grown rock.
But he looked in vain; till, wandering through the forest where the Brownies took him captive, he stopped beside the quiet lake.
They are just one of several Brownie groups hoping for success in our 2013 Wish campaign, and are also joined by Scouts, Cubs and Rainbow Groups, animal charities, sports clubs and primary schools.
com)-- It all started over thirty years ago when Rachel, the Brownie master, started her career in the food industry.
The crunch of the nut offers a nice reprieve from the otherwise soft and gooey brownie - and the peanut butter topping just gives that extra nut oomph.
Beautifully and profusely illustrated from cover to cover, the thoroughly 'kitchen cook friendly' recipes range from Frosted Banana Bars; Swedish Raspberry Almond Bars; Caramel Brownies; and Irish Butterscotch Bars; to Nutty Cheesecake Squares; Frosted Peanut Butter Bars; Strawberry Almondine; Fudge Brownie Pie; and Cherry-Coconut Chocolate Torte.
Try the Deep Chocolate Brownie when you're having a major chocolate craving or Chocolate Chunk Brownie when your taste buds are begging for sweetness.
Here's my take on Maya's Decadence Fudge Brownie Mix.
Thursday is National Brownie Day and you know what that means: For 24 hours, chocolate lovers everywhere have an official excuse to gorge on their favorite gooey treats.
With brownies being such an important segment of the category, we set out to elevate the brownie experience with the Hostess brand and, in doing so, co-branded with Mars," said Hostess chief marketing officer Burke Raine.
Capitalizing on the success of Ghirardelli Brownie Mixes, Ghirardelli has introduced four brownie-flavored chocolates.