Brownian movement

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the random motion of small particles suspended in a gas or liquid

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(2003) Model describing the biased Brownian movement of myosin.
Environmental context explains Levy and Brownian movement patterns of marine predators.
Wiener process or the Brownian movement is a mathematical description of the random motion of a large particle immersed in the fluid and is not subject to any other interaction shocks with small molecules of the surrounding fluid it results a very irregular movement of the large particle the phenomenon was observed for the first time by the English botanist Robert Brown in 1828 [6], another interpretation was given in notes published between 1877-1880 "The Brownian movements would be in my way of looking at the phenomenon, the result of the calorific movements of molecular surrounding liquid" [7].
Equation (8) can express multivariate diffusion models, including relevancy between variables in [X.sub.t], like Heston model with correlation coefficient [rho] between two Brownian movements. The first element in [X.sub.t] usually represents underlying asset price [S.sub.t], [X.sub.t] can be expressed as [X.sub.t] = [[S.sub.t]; [Y.sub.t]]', and [Y.sub.t] is (m - 1)-dimensional vector.
Some "external power" equally affecting alpha-activity, Brownian movement, and fluctuations of photons flow seems unbelievable.
Coagulation of reactive species caused by Brownian movement begins, and phase separation of the resin solution slowly occurs by sedimentation of the colloidal particles.
In addition, the less experienced observer must guard against misidentifying Brownian movement of fibers or other linear debris as T pallidum.
Brownian Movement Nanouk Leopold Netherlands-Germany
Simha, R.: 1940, The influence of Brownian movement on the viscosity of solutions.