Brownian motion

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the random motion of small particles suspended in a gas or liquid

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D increased with temperature increasing, and then Brownian motion of particles increased.
Implementation and Comparison of Various Filters for the Removal of Fractional Brownian Motion noise in Brain MRI Images", IJTET (International Journal for trends in Engineering & Technology), ISSN: 2349-9303, 3(3): 29-33.
Grigor'yan and Hsu [4] also discussed the sharpness of the upper rate functions for M or for the Brownian motion on a model manifold, that is, a spherically symmetric Riemannian manifold with a pole.
Three common random walk models are Brownian motion, Levy walks, and correlated random walks (Bartumeus et al.
In this paper, we first transform our portfolio selection problem under partial information into one under full information in which the unknown appreciation rate is replaced by its filter estimate and the Brownian motion is replaced by the innovation process.
The random walk theory was first brought to light by the discrete approach of Einstein-Smoluchowski, and it consists in treating Brownian motion as a discrete random walk.
Dynamical 3-Space: Anisotropic Brownian Motion Experiment, Progress in Physics, 2015, v.
Possible heat enhancement mechanisms are also discussed such as particle migration Brownian motion high effective thermal conductivity and enhanced thermal entry length region
A combination of dark field imaging and photography or other image archiving can be used to compare properties on aging such as Brownian motion, particle size, and dispersion quality and to follow the development of flocculation and phase separation.
It enables the visualization of individual particles and tracking of their Brownian motion so that size distributions, based on individual particles, are built up in a matter of seconds.
Because of infinite variance of geometric Brownian motion process, transaction costs will become infinite, thus the arbitrary argument used by Black-Scholes to price options can no longer be used.
He combines many of those applications into a single volume, including Brownian motion, diffusion processes, and Levy flights.
A feisty cut and nifty sweep off Shane Shillingford set off Brownian motion in the stands, and when a perfect off-drive off Tino Best took him to the 68th half-century of his career, the stand that bears Tendulkar's name became an impromptu mosh pit.
Considering fractional Brownian motion is neither a Markov process nor a semi martingale, Duncan et al.