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darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft)

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The regulator stage gives the UPS its ability to sustain a constant output even during sustained brown-out or low-line conditions.
He said they expect fire incidents to increase during the summer months, especially if the threat of more brown-outs due to the lack of power supply takes place.
They will also be required to install devices to record cockpit voice and flight data and HEMS pilots will need to demonstrate annually the recovery from inadvertent entry into instrument flight conditions, as well as receive training on recovery from brown-outs, white-outs and flat light conditions Apr 24, 2009
Many power organisations have been predicting power brown-outs and black-outs by 2012, the recent warnings mean that there could could be some significant short term problems even before Christmas," he says.
The 24 V DC power with backup prevents failure of critical operations due to power dips and brown-outs, while the surge arrestor protects against lightning and surges.
Disasters come in every form and shape from regional disasters (earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes) to terrorist attacks to brown-outs to someone accidently unplugging the wrong server.
Backup preventing failure of critical operations due to power dips and brown-outs.
Also, if we are expected to have more brown-outs this summer, we should have a moratorium on building until the electric companies find new sources or expand their current capabilities.
Today, we are living so close to the edge that there are rolling brown-outs in California and a simple emergency can bring down the power grid to vast regions of the country.
Brown-outs may be intentionally induced by the utility for a few minutes or days to conserve power during periods of peak demand.
For systems that use more than two drives, the SuperSwap 1100 features a delayed spin-up switch that enables the user to stagger the time when the drives spin-up, eliminate induced brown-outs, and protect the system and storage hardware.
IBM is looking to cash in the infamous brown-outs that have brought the Sun-based eBay to a halt on more than one occasion.
They affect the quality of the air and strain the resources of local utility companies, which in turn can cause brown-outs and force utilities to mobilize old, inefficient power-generating equipment.
The Wyse devices consume much less power than equivalent PCs, which reduces the cost of the power back-up systems that have to be deployed to protect against Nigeria's frequent power outages and brown-outs.
It is hoped that with the adoption of these contingency measures, and with full public support, the possibility of rotating two-hour brown-outs in Luzon, which has been projected as the worst-case scenario, may be minimized," he added.