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darkness resulting from the extinction of lights (as in a city invisible to enemy aircraft)

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The regulator stage gives the UPS its ability to sustain a constant output even during sustained brown-out or low-line conditions.
He said they expect fire incidents to increase during the summer months, especially if the threat of more brown-outs due to the lack of power supply takes place.
Tripoli residents reported frequent black- and brown-outs, along with a severe shortage of water in August and September 2011.
Users of these new models will be protected from the damaging effects of black-outs, brown-outs and transient power surges while supporting the move towards 'green energy savings' with a built-in eco-mode function that automatically shuts off unused computer accessories like printers or multi-media speakers.
Cyprus president Demetris Christofias has appointed his close aide and former communist lawmaker Kikis Kazamias as the new finance minister in a cabinet overhaul aimed at propping up popular support amid a major economic crisis and the worst disaster that has pushed the island to regular brown-outs.
Dio has said a $500,000 reduction in his overtime budget may necessitate the use of "brown-outs," which require the movement of personnel among companies.
They will also be required to install devices to record cockpit voice and flight data and HEMS pilots will need to demonstrate annually the recovery from inadvertent entry into instrument flight conditions, as well as receive training on recovery from brown-outs, white-outs and flat light conditions Apr 24, 2009
"Many power organisations have been predicting power brown-outs and black-outs by 2012, the recent warnings mean that there could could be some significant short term problems even before Christmas," he says.
The 24 V DC power with backup prevents failure of critical operations due to power dips and brown-outs, while the surge arrestor protects against lightning and surges.
Disasters come in every form and shape from regional disasters (earthquakes, floods, lightning strikes) to terrorist attacks to brown-outs to someone accidently unplugging the wrong server.