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North American blackbird that follows cattle and lays eggs in other birds' nests

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Brown-Headed Cowbird nestling vocalizations and risk of nest predation.
Site selection and repeatability in Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) parasitism of Eastern Phoebe (Savomis phoebe) nests.
No nests were parasitized by Brown-headed Cowbirds (Molothrus ater); although using the high count across two visits of 10-min, 100-m radius point counts we detected 0.
Range expansion and diurnal changes in dispersion of the Brown-headed Cowbird in the Sierra Nevada.
Brown-headed cowbird parasitism results in a sink population in warbling vireos.
This study also provides previously undocumented record of brood parasitism of Black-capped Vireos by Brown-headed Cowbirds for the state of Tamaulipas, a conservation threat that certainly warrants further investigation.
Brown-headed cowbirds (Molothrus ater) are so named because of their association with cattle, which keep grasses cropped to lengths that make it easy for the birds to snatch insects.
Brown-headed Cowbird parasitism on endangered species: relationships with neighboring avian species.
Evidence that many populations of songbirds in North America are not reproducing at self-sustaining levels has drawn considerable attention to the brood-parasitic, brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater, Morrison et al.
Ali predation events were grouped, as our sample size was too small to consider predator subsets excepting the Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater).
Brown-headed Cowbird Molothrus ater--Three eggs were in a nest of an olive sparrow (Arremonops rufivirgatus) at Ejido Las Miraflores on 5 June 2003, confirming local breeding.
The brown-headed cowbird decreased on Fort Hood while increasing on the Edwards Plateau.
Our objectives were to: (1) describe nest-site characteristics and nesting phenology of Swainson's Warblers, (2) assess nesting success in a managed landscape, and (3) document the effect of Brown-headed Cowbird (Molothrus ater) parasitism on Swainson's Warbler nesting success.
Brood parasite: brown-headed cowbird (Molothrus ater) [cited 2015 Aug 8].