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unrefined or only partly refined sugar

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She had even made each of the children a doughcake with a bit of brown sugar in it.
His parents always told him to get something out of her, either a package of brown sugar, or soap, or brandy, and sometimes even money.
The clerk slept a great deal sounder than his principal that night; and, cuddling his children after breakfast (of which he partook with a very hearty appetite, though his modest cup of life was only sweetened with brown sugar), he set off in his best Sunday suit and frilled shirt for business, promising his admiring wife not to punish Captain D.'s port too severely that evening.
Sugarie's diverse product range includes pure cane brown sugars from granulated, powdered to moist as well as pure cane icing and caster sugar.
Stir in granulated and brown sugars and water until blended, then beat in egg and vanilla.