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Nazi militia created by Hitler in 1921 that helped him to power but was eclipsed by the SS after 1943

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The Nazi Party Der SA-Mann, the weekly magazine of the Brown Shirts, denounced the picture saying "there is no place in the ranks of German artists for the likes of her".
I can't wait to see Manchester United turn up to the Champions League in brown shirts and jackboots.
A teenage thug and rabble-rouser, Saddam Hussein evolved into a roguish revolutionary who set up an underground security force that resembled the Nazi Brown shirts.
Controversial kits:Cameroon's soccer kitThe African nation found itself in hot water, first for its pioneering sleeveless shirts, and then for a tasteful all-in-one number Manchester United's grey kitIn 1996 Alex Ferguson blamed the club's 6-3 defeat to Southampton on the fact that his players couldn't pick each other out in their new grey shirts Coventry City's brown classicAn abomination which has since become something of a folklore favourite, Coventry's brown shirts of the 1970s plumbed the depths of kit design.
Clad in jeans and brown shirts, the actors donned vests and arm bands of red or blue to denote which side of the battle the player was on, which could have been a nod to Olivier's Henry V film.
It seems that UPS is not the only group wearing brown shirts these days.
A document stored at the Austrian State Archives has revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was a volunteer member of the Sturmabteilung, or SA - the Nazi storm troopers also known as brown shirts.
A BRIEF entry in one of millions of documents stored at the Austrian State Archives has revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was a volunteer member of the SA, the notorious Nazi storm troopers also known as brown shirts.
In April 1930, Nathan begins to write columns in a socialist daily, criticizing the increasing presence of brown shirts on the streets of Vienna.
Is it art at all, or has it been improperly conscripted to bear witness on behalf of deeply held convictions, from the Brown Shirts to Brut?
These protesters are the worst type of people we harbor in America, worse than the brown shirts and the communist element.
They, too, wear black pants, rubber boots and brown shirts.
Well, you'll remember that two years ago, when you dredged up those dreadful brown shirts, we gave you a two-goal start and still whupped you 3-2.
I lived through the Nazi regime and remember the Brown Shirts marching through Berlin.
Rightly, the Chancellor claims the Jack should not be "owned" by fascists but neither should brown shirts, leather boots or wee moustaches.