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Synonyms for Sturmabteilung

Nazi militia created by Hitler in 1921 that helped him to power but was eclipsed by the SS after 1943

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Lansky recalled breaking up a Brown Shirt rally in the Yorkville section of Manhattan: The stage was decorated with a swastika and a picture of Hitler.
Finding that the ISK headquarters have been vandalized by Brown Shirts, Paul rages, aThey do whatever they want!
In 1937, she published a satirical watercolour painting titled The Volunteers, which showed three little boys goose-stepping in short pants, long-sleeved brown shirts and little jackboots.
German guards marched prisoners through the streets, ultimately stopping a mob of Italian "brown shirts" from lynching them.
flashing lights, their brown shirts sashed with merit badges,
I do not want us to become a nation of brown shirts unable to think for ourselves: dependent on the government for everything.
I can't wait to see Manchester United turn up to the Champions League in brown shirts and jackboots.With half the team 'missing'.
A teenage thug and rabble-rouser, Saddam Hussein evolved into a roguish revolutionary who set up an underground security force that resembled the Nazi Brown shirts.
Clad in jeans and brown shirts, the actors donned vests and arm bands of red or blue to denote which side of the battle the player was on, which could have been a nod to Olivier's Henry V film.
It seems that UPS is not the only group wearing brown shirts these days.
The "SA 1.5.1939" listing shows that the elder Mr Schwarzenegger joined the SA on May 1, 1939, the year after Germany annexed Austria and six months after the brown shirts played a crucial role in the bloody Kristallnacht riots.
A BRIEF entry in one of millions of documents stored at the Austrian State Archives has revealed that Arnold Schwarzenegger's father was a volunteer member of the SA, the notorious Nazi storm troopers also known as brown shirts.
The Netanyahu speaking tour was arranged by the Jewish Winnipegger Izzy Asper, owner of the Post, who himself compared the demonstrators to "Nazi Brown Shirts", a reference to the Nazi group of goons in Germany who used to beat up opponents of the National-Socialist Labour Party of Adolf Hitler in the 1920s and 1930s.
In April 1930, Nathan begins to write columns in a socialist daily, criticizing the increasing presence of brown shirts on the streets of Vienna.
Is it art at all, or has it been improperly conscripted to bear witness on behalf of deeply held convictions, from the Brown Shirts to Brut?