sandbar shark

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widely distributed shallow-water shark with fins seemingly dipped in ink

most common grey shark along coasts of middle Atlantic states

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On the other hand, Auburn's Joey Pechie, staff member of On the Water magazine, has had poor action on brown sharks.
The Pacific tank alone holds a million litres of homemade saltwater and houses three sand tiger sharks, three brown sharks and Florence, an aptly-named and inquisitive nurse shark.
Local fishermen like Joey Pechie are preparing for brown sharks at night, right off south-side Cape beaches and jetties, or blue sharks far offshore.
THIS features a giant tropical shark display with black-tipped reef sharks, brown sharks and many others.
A dedicated specialist, fishing the entire season for both inshore and far-offshore pelagic migrants, could catch up to 12 species of sharks in our waters, including brown sharks, porbeagles (which look much like makos but fight sluggishly), and sand sharks, our third most common shark after smooth and spiny dogfish.
THIS Sea Life centre features a giant tropical shark display with blacktipped reef sharks, sand tiger sharks, brown sharks and many others.
The perfect place for a family day out, the Aquarium features a Pacific Ocean tank with sand, tiger and brown sharks swimming in a million litres of water.
We've bought five sharks in Florida - three tiger sharks and two brown sharks for Oceanworld," said Kevin.
The Pacific tank is home to the sand tiger and brown sharks amongst many other fish species.