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reddish-brown European owl having a round head with black eyes

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The current Brown Owl is her daughter Angela Relph, who said: "We are very proud of this unit to have reached this stage proving that Guiding in Cleveland and in this North Langbaurgh division - very much alive and kicking.
Sue, an accountant for the Worklink Project charity in Hinckley, became tawny owl in 1985 and, after brown owl Mrs Horton retired in 2001, she became the leader of the pack.
Elizabeth, a Brown Owl, is fifth from the right on the back row.
Stocking up on a trolley full of goods including toiletries, nappies and food, was just one part of charity work the girls will carry out this term, supported by their Brown Owl Cath Williamson, Snowy owl Jenna Paisley and Tawny Owl Paula Taylor.
Rachel Deakin, Tawny Owl, of Woodhouse Eaves Brownies and Brown Owl Lisa Mason were among 260 people who set out to climb Ben Nevis to raise money for cystic fibrosis research.
JOAN LALLY, from Norris Green, who is the Brown Owl at the 199th Liverpool Brownie unit, is celebrating 50 years of being a group leader.
"Meeting Baloo really motivated the children to bring their favourite books and read to each other too," added Brown Owl Niamh Stenson.
When the artist (or at least her hands) shows up, she bends and stretches and smooshes and scratches the blobs into a gray wolf and a brown owl. But that's only the beginning.
She was also a brown owl in her local girl guides group in Cardiff, but had to say goodbye to the children when they were all evacuated.
A Tinker Bell B Titania C Brown Owl D Iolanthe QUESTION 5 - for 5 points: In which US state is the Grand Canyon?
The reddish-brown color persisted, though, because the responsible gene is dominant--when a brown owl mates with a gray bird, about half of their offspring will be brown.
After years of pledging 'my duty to God, to Brown Owl and to others' every Tuesday night, I was appointed a Sixer.
At first glance, this may seem like a very silly sight: a man in a lab coat waving a brown owl about.