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any of various Old or New World bats having very long ears

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A Brown Long-Eared Bat can hear a ladybird walking along a leaf from several metres away.
Other mammals to feature on the stamps include the polecat, humpback whale, otter, water vole, brown long-eared bat, sperm whale, greater horseshoe bat, dormouse and the hedgehog.
Lesser horseshoe bats became a protected species in the UK in 1981, but the animal is more difficult to help than more widespread species such as the pipistrelle and brown long-eared bat. It has very specific roosting requirements, is extremely sensitive to light, noise and disturbance and, unlike other bats, is unable to crawl so it needs a clear flight path into its roost.
There is also the brown long-eared bat and the Natterers' bat.
The brown long-eared bat, Britain's second most common species after the pipistrelle, often nests in the roof spaces of old buildings.
'We remain very concerned about a number of species, particularly the brown long-eared bat, which we fear may be starting to show signs of decline,' she said.
The brown long-eared bat is also known as the 'whispering bat' because its echolocation sound is so quiet.
(2007) in England from kidney samples of brown long-eared bats were 3.38, and 0.830 ug/g dry mass for Pb and Cd respectively, that are much higher from the values recovered in this study from the kidney of vesper bats (Pb, 1.721+- 1.32 ug/g and Cd, 0.378 +- 0.29 ug/g; Table 2).
In the brown long-eared bats in south west England, no significant variations of any metal on renal concentrations was observed due to sex or age (Walker et al., 2007).
"Brown long-eared bats started using it as a maternity roost two years ago but I didn't dare hope this year was the one for our target species."
But protected pipistrelle and brown long-eared bats had set up home there.
However, surveys revealed the old house, which is set in 28 acres and has its own tennis court, was home to colonies of pipistrelle and brown long-eared bats, which are a protected species.
Brown long-eared bats come out after dark and fly around trees, so they're quite hard to spot.
Dreams of converting a barn at his PS5 million Buckinghamshire mansion have been scuppered after a colony of brown long-eared bats were found in the out-building.