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Synonyms for brunette

a person with dark (brown) hair

marked by dark or relatively dark pigmentation of hair or skin or eyes


References in classic literature ?
Think of any pretty little boy you know, with rosy cheeks, large dark eyes, and tangled brown hair, and then fancy him made small enough to go comfortably into a coffee-cup, and you'll have a very fair idea of him.
It was that of a slim young woman, a little less tall than May Welland, with brown hair growing in close curls about her temples and held in place by a narrow band of diamonds.
Above a square-domed forehead he saw a mop of brown hair, nut-brown, with a wave to it and hints of curls that were a delight to any woman, making hands tingle to stroke it and fingers tingle to pass caresses through it.
Miss Havisham beckoned her to come close, and took up a jewel from the table, and tried its effect upon her fair young bosom and against her pretty brown hair. "Your own, one day, my dear, and you will use it well.
She had her back towards me, and held her pretty brown hair spread out in her two hands, and never looked round, and passed out of my view directly.
Koslow sits another young lady by name Adele Dronsart: this is a Belgian, rather low of stature, in form heavy, with broad waist, short neck and limbs, good red and white complexion, features well chiselled and regular, well-cut eyes of a clear brown colour, light brown hair, good teeth, age not much above fifteen, but as full-grown as a stout young Englishwoman of twenty.
She is a fascinating little woman," I continued in voiceless soliloquy; "her image forms a pleasant picture in memory; I know she is not what the world calls pretty--no matter, there is harmony in her aspect, and I like it; her brown hair, her blue eye, the freshness of her cheek, the whiteness of her neck, all suit my taste.
Sally has long, mousy brown hair, is around 4ft 11 tall and has 'a lot of piercings in her ears'.
The first woman is around 5 ft 8in tall with long mousey brown hair and is in her late 20s to early 30s.
The first suspect is described as white, around 15, about 5ft 9in tall, of muscular build with short, brown hair. He was in a black tracksuit trousers, a black and grey tracksuit top and black gloves.
The second young man was wearing a red hooded top, dark bottoms, short brown hair and was also in his late teens.
Johnson, with short brown hair and glasses, and Roberts, with long brown hair, both wearing grey T-shirts, appeared via video link from HMP Liverpool.
Westall, with short brown hair and wearing a grey t-shirt, appeared via video link from HMP Preston and spoke only to confirm his personal details.
Golden is a white female, who is five feet and six inches tall, weighs 145 pounds and has brown hair and blue eyes.
NEW LOOK: Aamir Khan rides a donkey, sports curly brown hair and wears a hat in the upcoming film.