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large hardy brown breed of dairy cattle from Switzerland

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28)] by REML method in Brown Swiss cattle and Tuna, (2004) (0.
Heritability for yield at the beginning of lactation, a parameter of Brown Swiss cattle was 0.
Bovine progressive degenerative myeloencephalopathy "weaver" of Brown Swiss cattle II.
Lesions in bovine progressive degenerative myeloencephalopathy "weaver" of Brown Swiss cattle I.
BROWN Swiss cattle have never appeared at the Royal Welsh Show but this year 17 entries will mark their breed's debut at the event.
Estimation of variance components and genetic parameters for direct and maternal effects on birth weight in Brown Swiss cattle.
ABSTRACT The present study investigated the genetic variability of Pit-1 polymorphisms (HinfI_451 bp) in a total of 301 Brown Swiss cattle, and also evaluated the possible association between the Pit-1 genotypes and dairy traits such as 305 days milk yield (MY305), test day milk yield (TDMY), fat (%), protein (%), lactose (%), density (kg/m 3), solids-non-fat (%), total solids (%), freezing point (oC), and also pH and conductivity (uS/cm) of milk.
The results demostrated that the Pit-1 polymorphisms (HinfI_451 bp) could not be exploited as a candidate gene for selection of dairy traits in Brown Swiss cattle.
Estimates of genetic parameters for lactation shape parameters with multivariate statistical technique in Brown Swiss Cattle.
A total of 1884 lactation records were taken from 645 Brown Swiss cattle raised at Sultansuyu State Farm, Malatya province, located in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkiye between the years of 1987-2010.