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large hardy brown breed of dairy cattle from Switzerland

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Judge Selwyn Donald, from New Zealand, said: "The standard of the Holsteins, the Brown Swiss and the Ayrshires have been exceptional and the competition has been fierce.
The cows were all year-round calving and, 12 years ago, a threeway cross of Montbeliarde, Brown Swiss and Holstein was introduced, resulting in cows with great legs and feet, described by cattle auctioneer Jonny Dymond, from Halls in Shrewsbury, as "exceptional".
The final sample included 26 papers dealing with Holstein, Jersey, Brown Swiss, and Fleckvieh dairy breeds.
Mr Pritchard first came across Brown Swiss cattle in the US in 1996, ironically when studying "fashionable" black-andwhite milkers.
Este dato coincide con los resultados de vacas lecheras cruzas en su primer parto con 305 dias de lactancia ajustada, a saber: Brahman (5,4 litros/dia con un total de 1566 litros), Criollo (5,5 litros/dia y 1684 litros totales), Holstein (6,4 litros/dia y 1958 litros totales) y Brown Swiss (5,8 litros/dia y 1767 litros totales) (1).
The purpose of this study was focused on pregnant Brown Swiss and Simmental cows, imported from Austria to a private dairy cattle enterprise, which has recently started operation in Manisa Province, to compare their reproduction and milk yield performances in their first production year, to identify the impact of breed and calving month on those parameters, and to find the adaptation capabilities of cattle based on performance.
At Allahabad Agricultural Institute during 1924-1934, the crossbreeding work was started using indigenous breeds like Sahiwal, Gir, Hariana, Kankrej and Red Sindhi cows with exotic breeds like Holstein Friesian, Jersey and Brown Swiss sires.
The Carora breed, a hybrid resulting from the cross between Brown Swiss and Criollo Amarillo de Quebrada Arriba (Lara State) is considered one of the most important local breeds in terms of the cattle farming industry in Venezuela [48].
The story begins with Grant taking a walk with Tille, his sweet faced Brown Swiss cow, who is happy and contented with her life.
There is also a bakery, kitchen garden, smokery, butchery, and florist on site, in addition to the dairy where Vallum cheese and ice cream is handmade from the milk of the farm's Brown Swiss crows.
Si tomamos en cuenta solo las dos razas lecheras mas difundidas en el Peru, Holstein y Brown Swiss, el 60% se encuentra en hatos menores de 20 cabezas.
Prosecutors said Paul Waterfall knew his Brown Swiss bull Zac was aggressive and should not have put it near a public path.
Our Brown Swiss milk cow, Coco, and her three-day-old heifer calf on a sunny, summer day.