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large hardy brown breed of dairy cattle from Switzerland

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He says the Brown Swiss serve many purposes, proving that it is not just volume of milk production that aids the overall profitability of dairy farm units but more the total package, combining ease of management along with quality milk production and of course longevity.
POPULAR VENTURE Farmer's daughter Poppy Moffitt, with Rose, a member of the Brown Swiss herd kept to produce milk for ice cream
Nigel Williams, of sponsors, HSBC, congratulates local breeder Marc <BWilliams with his supreme champion heifer, the in-milk Brown Swiss, Quarry Luke Lovely
Marie has been involved with the Brown Swiss Junior Association and is a Dairy Judging Coach.
In a related development, ABS also introduced two new cloned heifer calves, one Holstein and one Brown Swiss.
Mark Williams led the way with his top dairy entry, the October-calved Brown Swiss first calver, Elite WR Lovely.
The Moffitt family has farmed at Vallum for many years and their Brown Swiss cows - the only herd of their type in the region - supply the milk for the ice cream handmade by Vicky and her team.
As well as 100 Holsteins, he has 25 pedigree Brown Swiss and Ayrshire cattle.
Jurors at Nottingham Crown Court heard the Brown Swiss bull, known as Zac, allegedly attacked 63-year-old Roger Freeman as he walked along a public footpath on Mr Waterfall's land with his wife Glenis, then 67, who was also injured by the animal.
Vallum is run by farmers Peter and Vicky Moffitt whose Brown Swiss cows provide the milk for their award-winning ice-cream and yoghurt.
The following are their combined score/optimum slaughter weight: Angus -- 29/950, Ayrshire -- 26/900, Beefmaster -- 27/1,150, Bradford -- 28/1,150, Brahman -- 42/1,150, Brangus -- 29/1,050, Brown Swiss - 25/1,200, Charbray -- 36/1,250, Charolais -- 34/1,250, Devon -- 28/1,050, Galloway -- 30/950, Guernsey -- 29/900, Hays Converter -- 26/1,150, Hereford -- 33/1,050, Holstein -- 22/1,200, Jersey -- 28/850, Limousin -- 28/1,200, Maine-Anjou -- 28/1,250, Milking Shorthorn -- 35/950, Red Angus -- 29/950, Red Poll -- 30/950, Santa Gertrudis -- 34/1,150, Scotch Highland -- 31/900, Simmental -- 24/1,250, Shorthorn -- 34/950 and South Devon -- 28/1,150.
In reserve in the competition organised by the National Milk Records, was the Carwyn herd of pedigree Holsteins, owned by Goronwy Griffiths and son of New Moat with an honourable mention being given to Clive Davies and family with their robotic-milked Brown Swiss herd at Lampeter Velfrey.
And another big attraction will be the farm's favourite Brown Swiss cow, Rose, and her new calf Hadrian, born just over two weeks ago.
More recently the Jersey and Shorthorn cattle have seen resurgence and the Brown Swiss is also popular.
When we met through my stall at Hexham Farmers' Market, he had already decided to diversify into Brown Swiss cattle, yoghurt making and opening a tea room, so it was inevitable that if I wanted to marry him, I would have to get involved," she laughs.