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Seoul virus (SEOV), a hantavirus and the etiologic agent of a mild-to-moderate hemorrhagic fever with a renal syndrome, is associated worldwide with brown rats (Rattus norvegicus), a commensal rodent that is found in all human-inhabited locations (7).
While black rats and house mice spread with agriculture over the course of millennia, it is only within the last few centuries that brown rats became globetrotters.
Monospecific helminth and arthropod infections in an urban population of brown rats from Doha, Qatar.
ON Thursday afternoon I was walking down Swanswell Street towards the new health centre when I saw a brown rat walk out of the undergrowth from the flats towards the college.
The Brown Rat (Rattus norvegicus) is a cosmopolitan, synanthropic species that has successfully invaded habitats across the globe.
The brews will all have linked names: Dirty Rat, Brown Rat, Golden Rat, White Rat, Rattus Rattus, Black Rat and King Rat.
I was particularly struck by a series of images of a grey heron eating a brown rat, and a picture of a brambling visiting a garden bird table during the snow.
Council officers are asked to supply figures for the Rodent Survey for the number of brown rat and mouse treatments carried out in response to complaints in the last year, broken down into summer and winter.
The brown rat is also the most common rat in Europe.
We read, of course, about the brown rat, that pesky critter that originated in northern China and has been a stowaway on ships since ancient times, spreading disease around the world.
The robot takes its inspiration from the brown rat and Etruscan shrew, which use their whiskers to make sense of their environment.
There was also a year-on-year increase in the brown rat population in Wales of 14 per cent and a 12 per cent hike in "summer rats".