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United States prizefighter who was world heavyweight champion for 12 years (1914-1981)

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[ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Upbringing: the Pedagogy of East Boogie * (Three Kwansabas) #1 Grandmother's Soulversity whether churnin' lye into soap, earth into produce, clabber into butter, sass into whippin, snow into ice cream, sermon into succor, hair into plait, body-ash into glisten, theory into thimble, remnant into quilt, kitchen into sparkle--or what-not into feast-- her edict was, "get some learnin', boy." #2 School of Weavin' & Bobbin' every boy/girl a garden of dreams: croonin' like Nat Cole, Eckstine, Johnny Ace; chirpin'/beltin' like Billie, Ella, Big Mama; bobbin'/jabbin'like Brown Bomber; slinkin' silkily like Eartha & Katherine; coppin' cool like Miles; swingin' low like dues howlin' 'neath Wolf's blues, like granma's chariot--home-gone.
Joe Louis, and a World on the Brink (Knopf, 2005) and Patrick Myler's Ring of Hate: The Brown Bomber and Hitler's Hero (Mainstream, 2006).
Googling a runner The Brown Bomber 5.10 Towcester One of the most awesome and durable fighters of all time, the Brown Bomber was the nickname of Joe Louis, the American boxer who dominated the heavyweight division in the 1930s and 40s.
BROWN BOMBER: Scott was one of Mowbray's Hibs proteges
Which world heavyweight champion boxer was known as 'the Brown Bomber'?
1981: Death of Joe Louis, the 'Brown Bomber', world heavyweight boxing champion.
Using WAIT with The Brown Bomber: An Example of Student Produsage
On June 22, 1938, boxer Joe Louis avenged his defeat of two years earlier with a first-round knockout of Max Schmeling in a politically-freighted showdown between the "Brown Bomber" and the German brawler hailed by Adolf Hitler.
Ryder Smith Blackburn, Pastor Al White Reporter, Jacobs David Deblinger Nurse, Reporter, Girl, Anny, Tutor, USO Girl Katie Barrett The Boxer John Keabler With "In This Corner," Steven Drukman sets out to restore the rep of Joe Louis, the unassuming "Brown Bomber" sandwiched between controversial Jack Johnson and Muhammad All but arguably the boxer with the strongest claim to the rifle of greatest ever.
For years, sports fans have lamented the woeful tales of heroes gone broke--the most dramatic being that of Joe Louis, the legendary Brown Bomber who died penniless after lifting the spirits and aspirations of African Americans during the Jim Crow Era.
TAKING THE MICHAEL: Brown is mobbed after his rapid Blades' goal; BROWN BOMBER: Keeper Robert Green, beaten after 38 seconds
* Commissioned by 12 Detroit entities and residing in Detroit's Cobo Center since 1987, this statue of the "Brown Bomber" stands 14-ft tall (including its marble base) and weighs 1800 lb.
Nor can those who lived through it ever forget the euphoria -- people literally partying in the streets -- when Joe Louis, "the Brown Bomber," took a little more than two minutes to knock out Max Schmeling in their 1938 rematch.
In a column the next day, "The Bomb that Shattered a Civility,' I dubbed Goode, "Brown Bomber II.' Ten months later, the Mayor's Commission investigating the incident corroborated the satirical assessment with a more factual but equally scathing censure.