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Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858)


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Later chapters are much concerned with artistic responses to the Troubles and their aftermath, taking in work by, among others, Deborah Brown, Robert Ballagh, Willie Doherty, Rita Duffy and John Duncan.
Jason Brown, Robert Earnshaw, Danny Gabbidon and Nathan Blake were all subject to racial abuse in games with Serbia and Montenegro at both full and under-21 level in August 2003, then-manager Mark Hughes having pledged to take up the matter with Uefa.
Williams, Zukofsky, Irving Layton, Robert Creeley, Kenneth Rexroth, Bob Brown, Robert Duncan, Mina Loy, Moses [Mason], Jordan Mason, etc.
Building on the work of Karen McCarthy Brown, Robert Orsi, and her own previous work, Courtney Bender furthers the growing use of ethnography and auto-ethnography in religious history in this fine monograph, a study of spirituality in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
Working Paper 16792), researchers Jeffrey Brown, Robert Clark, and Joshua Rauh provide an economics-based perspective on the financial aspects of state and local pension plans in the U.S., drawing on work by numerous researchers for an NBER research program on this topic.
When pressed, he added: "Ali Brown, Robert Croft, Mark Ramprakash...
Speakers Paul Spooner, Anne O'Meara,Stuart Kirkland, Chris Brown, Robert Jones and John Edwards.
The tenant was represented by Robert Donnelly Sr., Marc Rosenberg, Bill Brown, Robert Donnelly Jr.
Phil Brown, Robert Weir and Eric McCalla have risen to junior international level already and there is a crop of younger starlets waiting to step up to join them.
Above (front, from left) Judith Evans, Steph Emms, Callum McKelvie and (back, from left) Amman Sehmar, Cameron Pinks, Holly Clark, Predeep Bhabra, Lauren Murtagh, Amy Agnew, Rachel Henshaw, Alison Scott, Harriet Nolan and (left, from left) Ashley Brown, Robert Melhuish, Neil Reid, Nicholas Patalong and Bradley Roberts.; Left (front, from left) Grace O'Brien, Laura Clarke, Nicola Duke, (back, from left) Rachael Danes, Alice Waterson, Grace Haddrell, Rachel Banks, (above, from left) Reena Parmer, Jackie Everett and Anna Mattock, and (above right) Rachel Banks (left) and Kate Oldknow.
House and garden are an amazing collage created by almost all the best architects and garden designers (particularly those with Whig connections): Vanbrugh, Bridgeman, Gibbs, Kent, Lancelot Brown, Robert Adam, even Soane all contributed ideas, parts of the palace, and the park's temples and pavilions.
For the older set it was seeing Carolyn Brown, Robert Rauschenberg, and Jasper Johns throw the dice to determine the order of the music, lights, and decor.
And how boss Neil Warnock - actively hunting for three new players to bolster his injury weakened side - must be counting down the days until star-men Michael Brown, Robert Page, Steve Kabba and Chris Morgan are all fit again together.
Shown (I-r): Alan Brown, Larry Brown, Robert Brown and Irvin Brown.
Brown, Robert Greenhill, and Rory Miller, and contributes to the debate by addressing important theoretical considerations.