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Scottish botanist who first observed the movement of small particles in fluids now known a Brownian motion (1773-1858)


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1334-1746: Mark Brown, Robert Damron, Jean Van de Velde (Fra)
LADIES NIGHT (George Brown, Robert Bell, Ronald Bell, James Taylor, Earl Toon, Dennis Thomas, Claydes Smith, Meekaeel Muhammad) (C)1979 WARNER-TAMERLANE PUBLISHING CORP.
Local Detroiters Gregory Bowens, Paula Bridges, Gary Brown, Robert Dunlap and Phil Talbert filed federal and state lawsuits that are still pending against the notorious gangster rapper and his Detroit-based law firm Honigman-Miller for their respective parts in the illegal acquiring and commercial exploitation of the victims' private conversations and their likenesses.
At the meeting today, the following directors were elected: Henderson, Solso, Harold Brown, Robert J.
Rebecca Brown, Robert Tsai, Maryam Hassan, Miranda Cosgrove,
KTFA ENTERTAINMENT - Kool & The Gang (left to right): Dennis "DeeTee" Thomas, George "Funky" Brown, Robert "Kool" Bell, Charles Smith, Ronald "Khalis" Bell.
My deepest sympathies are with the families of Ron Brown, Robert Donovan, Claudio Elia, Frank Maier, Leonard Peironi, John Scoville, Stuart Tholan, Robert Whitaker, and the others who died in the plane crash," Golob said.
Ryhope CW have slipped to fourth and at Harton and Westoe they miss Mark Brown, Robert Dixon, Peter Benson and Michael Turnbull.
Honors: Stephanie Alexandrovich, Michaela Bailey, Jonathan Beaulieu, Amelia Bellve, Hudson Bennett, Trevor Berlo, Lindsey Berthiaume, Kathryn Biro, Meaghan Bohigian, Zackary Bolduc, Ashley Brown, Robert Burnett, Erin Chase, David de la Gorgendiere, Ashley Deslongchamp, Brittaney Doane, John Dudula, Brianne Dupuis, Sherrie Edwards, Sara Emery, Amy Farrar, Christopher Garceau, Lyndsay Gareau, Danielle Gorczyca, Clifford Holmes, Stephen Houle.
The Funk Brothers -- film participants Pistol Allen, Uriel Jones, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina, Joe Hunter, Johnny Griffith, Bob Babbitt and Jack Ashford, and their late, great brethren Jamerson, Benny Benjamin, Eddie "Bongo" Brown, Robert White and leader Earl Van Dyke -- are finally out of the shadows.
President's Award Celebration Dinner, honoring International Award Winners Denise Scott Brown, Robert Venturi, and Louis Kahn (posthumously) and featuring the Philadelphia Mummers.
Graney is perhaps the latest addition to a notable line of distinguished choreographers coming from the Seattle area--Merce Cunningham, Trisha Brown, Robert Joffrey, Mark Morris.
After 39 years with management and leasing giant Cross & Brown, Robert Waldron is heading his own full-service real estate boutique.
Having taken up his new role, Mr Tait will be part of a management team that also includes Nick Hargreave, Ronald Barber, Rachael Tait, James Dixon, Margaret Brown, Robert Brown, Tom Comber, Euan Gibson, Andrew Walton, Philippa Shell and Andrew Reed, who will this year be tailoring some of their activity towards Glendale Agricultural Society's overarching 2015 theme of sheep.