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Synonyms for brow

Synonyms for brow

the part of the face above the eyes

the arch of hair above each eye

the peak of a hill

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The material will be presented in the same layout of print version and can be browed easily and intuitively, according to Oman Air.
Grosbeak, Pink Browed Rosefinch, Eurasian Griffon, Himalyan Griffion, etc.
They are high browed, overly dressed sticklers for manners and properness.
Just report to the Evening Chronicle reception, Groat Market, Newcastle with a copy of What's On containing your picture, within a week of publication, and collect a case of the popular beer, which is browed exclusively in Mexico and imported in ever 150 countries across the globe.
The roach writes the stories without capitalizations because he cannot hit the shift key on the typewriter: "coarse/jocosity/ catches the crowd/ shakespeare/ and i/ are often/ low browed.
Competition for the conclusion of an energy contract: Right to enter into an energy service contract for the provision of services to implement energy efficiency measures to achieve savings of thermal energy in MBDOU number 27 browed Warbler Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.