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Synonyms for brotherhood

Synonyms for brotherhood

the kinship relation between a male offspring and the siblings

people engaged in a particular occupation

the feeling that men should treat one another like brothers

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"A man who has this mark, branded in this place," he said, covering his arm again, "is a member of the Brotherhood. A man who has been false to the Brotherhood is discovered sooner or later by the chiefs who know him--presidents or secretaries, as the case may be.
Come, all ye guilty ones, and rank yourselves in accordance with the brotherhood of crime.
How many who have deemed themselves antagonists will smile hereafter, when they look back upon the world's wide harvest field, and perceive that, in unconscious brotherhood, they were helping to bind the selfsame sheaf!
And if some, among these many millions, should deem themselves classed amiss, yet let them take to their hearts the comfortable truth that Death levels us all into one great brotherhood, and that another state of being will surely rectify the wrong of this.
Blacks of the Rosary reconstructs the history of the brotherhoods of Our Lady of the Rosary and the experiences of the congadeiros in Minas Gerais, Brazil from the early colonial time into the late twentieth century.
The first section of the book (chapters one and two) looks at the origins of the brotherhoods in Europe and Africa.
Through Abduh, Afghani was able to exploit the Sufist tariqa, or brotherhoods, for his revolutionary purposes.
"Revolutionary Islam is an attempt to deal with the problem [of perceived Muslim helplessness], and has been for the more than a century since Hassan Al-Banna founded the Ikhwan al-Mulimeen, or Islamic Brotherhood, in Egypt as a way of turning Islam into a political ideology.
Brotherhoods of Color: Black Railroad Workers and the Struggle for Equality.
The craft brotherhoods of railway men, founded in the last decades of the nineteenth century with only-white membership clauses in their constitutions, enforced the racially segmented order of railroad work.
His counsel was sought especially by those working to establish Christian brotherhoods or utopian societies.(21) Named doctor of theology at Tubingen in 1641, he remained at Eberhardt's court until 1650, when he accepted a lighter ecclesiastical appointment as evangelical abbot at Bebenhausen, a former Cistercian cloister converted to a Lutheran school.
It focuses on the engineers, conductors, firemen, and brakemen who operated the trains and the unions that represented them, the "Big Four" railroad brotherhoods, in the last decades of the nineteenth century.
The tensions that inevitably arose between the "rough," intemperate masculinity of the railroad workplace and the "respectable" manhood articulated by the railroad brotherhoods revealed a gender construction that, to paraphrase Gregory Kaster, was complex and problematical yet central to the activism and collective subjectivity of organized white workingmen in the last third of the nineteenth century.
22, 2013 CAIRO -- 15 August 2018: The head of the Egyptian Union of Human Rights Organizations (EUHRO), Naguib Ghobrael, said that his organization along with other international unions have filed an international lawsuit against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) over setting fire to 42 churches five years ago.