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Synonyms for pimp



Synonyms for pimp

someone who procures customers for whores (in England they call a pimp a ponce)

arrange for sexual partners for others

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PEOPLE living next door to Birmingham's 'Madam Sin' today leapt to the defence of the city brothel-keeper and insisted: "We couldn't wish for a better neighbour".
The 1987 movie Personal Services starred Julie Walters as the Streatham brothel-keeper who hit the headlines big time when her house was raided by the police in the early '80s and many high- ranking officials were among her clients.
Maggie Le Morvan, a convicted brothel-keeper, came to the Sunday People with photographs - quite good ones - of Wills and Harry enjoying an afternoon's abseiling with chums.
Not only did this notorious brothel-keeper run a multi-million euro operation, the court also heard that some of the women who worked for him were trafficked into Ireland.
CONFESSIONS OF A BRUM BROTHEL-KEEPER Linda Miller has run a brothel masquerading as a 'massage parlour' in Birmingham since 1990.
Otherm winners were Lovejoy star Ian Mcshane for his role as foul-mouthed brothel-keeper Al Swearengen in Deadwood.
Filled with wonderful characters, we're introduced to the wicked brothel-keeper Mother Liu and her sadistic son, Ren Ren; the idealistic would-be pragmatist, Dr Airton, and his foil, the unscrupulous Mandarin; the complicated and ruthless Henry Manners and his enemy, the tormented Major Lin; the misguided zealot, Septimus Millward, the courtesan Fan Yimei.
Now Frederic Bleith, 18, believed to be Germany's youngest brothel-keeper, is raking in pounds 3000 a week from his ladies of the night.
The daughters, however, who are a brothel-keeper, a football club owner, and an ex-junkie - and are played by Louise Lombard, Lorraine Pilkington and Emma Catherwood respectively - fail to convince.
The brothel-keeper is the owner who leases them out to Western tourists.
A BROTHEL-KEEPER was jailed yesterday for the false imprisonment and assault of her babysitter.
A CONVICTED brothel-keeper was found guilty yesterday of assaulting and falsely imprisoning a babysitter she accused of stealing pounds 1,200.
Judge Buckley had heard the prosecution's case that a Garda had posed as a brothel-keeper in Limerick to supply a fictitious girl, code-named Tanya, for sex with Lynch.
A BROTHEL-keeper hid her secret heartache as she was found guilty of running escort agencies.