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Mr Franck said the defendant slapped his son on both sides of his face in the lounge before dragging him to the kitchen, where he picked up a toy broom stick and started hitting him on his arms.
Cover your face in red lipstick You could fashion a cape from old red Get creative and try your hand at making a devil's fork from an old broom stick and - Red clothing - Red tights, but black tights will doRed tights, but black tights will do - Cardboard - Red felt pen - Headband - Red lipstick
Percy, 37, of 20 Hawley St., Worcester, charged with assault and battery with a dangerous weapon (broom stick), placed on probation for 1 year, ordered to remain drug-free, to submit to random drug tests, to attend a batterer's program, and not to abuse the victim, $350 batterer's fee, $90 victim witness fee; and intimidation of a witness, filed with a guilty finding.
SIR - In Britain there are thousands of witches, yes, we are still practising witchcraft, we don't fly around on a broom stick, and our craft is for the good of others.
-MARY leaves behind her hubble-bubble bath, and her broom stick - down Kemal's trousers.
A child swings a broom stick at a swarm of locusts as they make their way through the city of Merida, in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico.
A STUDENT beat up a football fan with a broom stick because his singing was interrupting a revision session.
The report listed some of the abuses, including burning detainees with phosphoric liquid, beatings and the sodomising of one detainee with a chemical light or a broom stick. Amnesty International is among human rights and Iraqi groups calling for an independent investigation into what it believes is a "pattern of torture".
So use an old broom stick handle and lift up the cradle assem-bly and roll the wheels where you need them.
"After the attempt he'll carry on with his comedy hypnotism show which will have people clucking like chickens and falling in love with a broom stick."
Simply placing a broom stick or piece of wood in the door frame doesn't help.
WITCHES AND WIZARDS There's a place, Where magic comes alive, Where witches and wizards, With broom stick in hand, Flying and soaring, Way up in the sky.
DIG out your broom stick, carve out that pumpkin and perfect your scariest ghost story, because Friday is Halloween!!