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a borough of New York City

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Since 2007, the program has introduced more than 7,000 middle school students to library research and document analysis through the Library s local history archive, helping young Brooklynites interact with their dynamic communities while gaining critical skills in research, analysis and academic writing.
Some people take their little ones to swimming lessons but for hipster Brooklynites the new way to bond with baby | to take them to 'baby DJ classes' where babes can learn to spin a record like the next David Guetta.
GoogaMooga's cancellation left many upset but also brought to light the problems Brooklynites had with the festival.
Currently, Matt and Kim are co-headlining a tour with fellow Brooklynites Passion Pit.
Known as the Dodgers because Brooklynites were supposed to be adept at darting between the trolley s e aty buses in their borough, they were embedded deep in American culture.
In spirit, the concert, during which she was supported by a 60- member plus orchestra conducted by Bill Ross, was a family and neighbourhood affair that included a short film, shot some years ago, in which assorted Brooklynites who knew Streisand back when reminisced.
The Brooklynites entered the small stage all clad in black with Zebra Katz wearing a gimp mask.
Manhattan inhabitants habitually look down on the "B&Ts" (it stands for Bridge and Tunnel) who live across the water, but Brooklynites don't really care.
Half of Punch Line's customers come from the Caribbean, where men get together on Fridays and Saturdays and mix up virility drinks in their homes, while other buyers are Brooklynites who've heard their Caribbean friends' boasts.
I was fascinated by his Mark Twain-like adventures through the Prospect Park woodlands; his trips to the Brooklyn Riviera, which was Coney Island in the 1950s; his descriptions of the ecstatic reactions of Brooklynites to their home team winning the World Series in 1955; and his escapades in and out of the hallowed halls of Erasmus Hall High School, the alma mater of Barbra Streisand, chess-wiz Bobby Fischer, and Neil Diamond.
Over the last eight years, Bruce Ratner has been repeatedly excoriated by community activists and Brownstone Brooklynites, attacked in the press, and called everything from a "liar" to a "serial eminent domain abuser and corporate welfare queen.
Brooklyn even has skyscrapers, a cluster of new residential towers just up Flatbush Avenue from Junior's, glassy and full of freshly minted Brooklynites.
How to explain the contradiction that Brooklynites can be so inviting to newcomers within the neighborhood enclave, yet so xenophobic and murderously guarded toward strangers from ten blocks away?
Amazing Baby--along with their overachieving friends MGMT and fellow Brooklynites like Yeasayer, Violens, Chairlift and Boy Crisis--represent a sort of Not New York group of inside-outsiders who embrace the rejection of the city that claims their taxes.
Other New Yorkers in the crew of the Exodus included the ship's captain, ex-Merchant Marine Bernard Marks, and Brooklynites Arthur Ritzer and Cyril Weinstein.