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a borough of New York City

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A born and bred Brooklynite, Longo takes pride in his deep roots in Cobble Hill.
The funds raised sustain the BCS programs and services that 18,000 Brooklynites living in poor and low income neighborhoods utilize each year.
Finkenbeiner, the decrepit old man who probably wished he, too, had retired before all the Brooklynites arrived, told me to do as my Mr.
The Brooklynites entered the small stage all clad in black with Zebra Katz wearing a gimp mask.
Today's brand breakups are rarely as traumatic as the one Brooklynites like my dad went through, but it's more important than ever for a business to remain on friendly terms with customers who move on.
Half of Punch Line's customers come from the Caribbean, where men get together on Fridays and Saturdays and mix up virility drinks in their homes, while other buyers are Brooklynites who've heard their Caribbean friends' boasts.
I was fascinated by his Mark Twain-like adventures through the Prospect Park woodlands; his trips to the Brooklyn Riviera, which was Coney Island in the 1950s; his descriptions of the ecstatic reactions of Brooklynites to their home team winning the World Series in 1955; and his escapades in and out of the hallowed halls of Erasmus Hall High School, the alma mater of Barbra Streisand, chess-wiz Bobby Fischer, and Neil Diamond.
In truth, the coop's nearly 16,000 members are actually a varied bunch, representing a cross-section of Brooklynites seen in few places outside of the subway.
We've got Panda Bear of Animal Collective, fellow Brooklynites Grizzly Bear, Perth's Panda Band, our own Panda Kopanda), the jazzy Polar Bear, Minus The Bear, Bears Killing Bears and, of course, Bear Cub.
Over the last eight years, Bruce Ratner has been repeatedly excoriated by community activists and Brownstone Brooklynites, attacked in the press, and called everything from a "liar" to a "serial eminent domain abuser and corporate welfare queen.
They have only just begun," Brooklyn Borough president Marty Markowitz said as he handed pins to Wasson and Walgreens chairman Alan McNally, declaring them "honorary Brooklynites.
Amazing Baby--along with their overachieving friends MGMT and fellow Brooklynites like Yeasayer, Violens, Chairlift and Boy Crisis--represent a sort of Not New York group of inside-outsiders who embrace the rejection of the city that claims their taxes.
Finally, the audience for whom the title and documentary really register is my generation of Brooklynites, now in their late sixties and beyond, who lived the myth from 1947 through 1957 and remember it viscerally.
In addition to opening the center, ICS is launching a campaign to tell Brooklynites it is past time to stop begrudgingly making facilities accessible to people with disabilities and start welcoming them into all areas of community life.
Now, when I try to remember Brooklyn, to recall schools, stores, landmarks in fresh detail--something missed by other Brooklynites who grew up and wrote--it's difficult.