Bronze Star Medal

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a United States military decoration awarded for meritorious service (except in aerial flight)

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A personnel section can send a Bronze Star award citation from the field one day and see it online the following day.
Corporal Brennan proudly served our nation in the 187th Airborne Division and was the recipient of a Bronze Star Award for meritorious service.
Silver and Bronze Star awards will be given to those who claim the first and second ranks.
Finalist awards include the El Gouna Gold Star that goes to the Best film, and the Silver and Bronze Star awards given to the first and second competitors.
M i l i t a r y Chris Pietsch / The Register-Guard Rayphord "Tex" Tiffee received a surprise in the mail recently: a Bronze Star awarded for his role as a soldier in the South Pacific during World War II.
He was awarded the Purple Heart, for wounds suffered during the Korean War, and the Bronze Star awarded for acts of heroism and merit in a combat zone.